SMIRNOV Semyon Alekseevich

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SMIRNOV Semyon Alekseevich (1819 — 1911) — the domestic doctor, the balneologist, the organizer of public medicine in Russia.

SMIRNOV Semyon Alekseevich

In 1848 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1851 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Uric Acid and Its Diagnostic Value». From 1848 to 1861 worked under the leadership of F. I. Inozemtsev. Together with it since 1858 published and edited «The Moscow medical newspaper», making on its pages acute polemic articles, proving need of development of public medicine in Russia, creations of medical societies, convocation of congresses of the Russian scientists and doctors, and also protecting the principles of the Russian medical science and calling for release it from a foreign preponderance.

In addition to publicistic articles it possesses more than 70 scientific works. S. A. Smirnov was one of organizers and actually the first chairman Ob-va of the Russian doctors in Moscow. In many-sided activity of S. A. Smirnov works on development of resort business and scientific fundamentals of balneology in Russia have special value. He devoted to these problems nearly 50 years of the life. Since 1862 he held a position of the director of management of the resorts of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region. On its initiative it was organized physical here. - chemical laboratory, the meteorological station and the museum that allowed to begin studying of an origin and structure of medicinal mineral waters, and also climatic features of resorts. With, A. Smirnov was one of founders of Russian balneal about-va (1863). He was also an editor of the 16-volume edition of «Notes of the Russian balneological society». One of sources of Zheleznovodsk is called a name of S. A. Smirnov.

Works: De acido urico, diss., Mosguae, 1851; View of the current state and problem of balneology, M., 1863; The Guide to Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, p.1, Pyatigorsk, 1867; Essentuksky alkaline waters in the Caucasus in a historical estestven-' but - the historical and medical relations, with a statement of elementary effect of alkaline waters in general. M, 1873; Syphilis and its treatment by means of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, M., 1874.

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E. A. Smirnov-Kamensk.