SMIRNOV Leonid Iosifovich

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SMIRNOV Leonid Iosifovich (1889 — 1955) — the Soviet neuromorphologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1946). Member of the CPSU.

SMIRNOV Leonid Iosifovich

Ended physical and mathematical f-t St. Petersburg un-that (1905) and medical f-t Moscow un-that (1915). Worked as the intern in clinic of nervous diseases under the leadership of G. I. Rossolimo and V. A. Muratov. Since 1920 the manager. nervous department-tsy and prozektura in Kursk, then would work as the prosector psychiatric in Kiev, headed gistol. laboratory of clinic of nervous diseases Kiev in-that improvements of doctors. Since 1933 the department chair of pathological anatomy psychoneurological f-that the 2nd Kharkiv medical in-that and at the same time the prosector of Psychoneurological academy. In 1938 according to the offer H. N. Burdenko headed morphological department at the Central neurosurgical institute (nowadays Ying t of neurosurgery of H. N. Burdenko of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences) where

L. I. Smirnov — one of founders of the Soviet neuromorphology worked till 1955. By it it is published St. 80 scientific works, including 6 monographs, in to-rykh the topography, histology and a histogenesis of tumors of a head and spinal cord and a meninx is presented. On the basis of complex consideration of data morfol. researches in connection with the clinical course of diseases of L. I. Smirnov kliniko-anatomic types of tumors of c were allocated. the N of page, developed their gistogenetichesky classification, on base a cut the subsequent scientific research in this area developed. In the period of the Great Patriotic War L. I. Smirnov began a cycle of basic researches on a problem of an injury of a brain. They were a basis formulated by it after the provision on a traumatic disease of the brain stated in the monograph «Pathological Anatomy and Pathogeny of Traumatic Diseases of a Nervous System» (1947 — 1949). The natural sequence of development patol was for the first time shown them. processes in a brain after a craniocereberal injury, unknown earlier and important in a wedge, the relation of a form of purulent complications are allocated. In recent years L. I. Smirnov dealt with issues of morphology of mental diseases, in particular schizophrenia.

Works: Fundamentals of morphology of a nervous system in normal and morbid condition, t. 1, Kharkiv, 1935; The Histopathology of a nervous system, M. — L., 1941; Pathological anatomy and a pathogeny of traumatic diseases of a nervous system, p.1 — 2, M., 1947 — 1949; The Histogenesis, histology and topography of tumors of a brain, p.1 — 2, M., 1951 — 1959; Tumours of a head and spinal cord, M., 1962.

Bibliography: Bakhtiyarov V. A. To the 80 anniversary since the birth of the member box-respondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of professor L. I. Smirnova, Arkh. patol., t. 31, JVi# 9, page 78, 1969; And l I r about in with to and y V. A. Tvorchesky put L. I. Smirnova in permission of problems of pathological morphology and pathology, Zhurn. neuropath, and psi-hiat., t. 56, century 8, page 660, 1956.

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