SMIRNOV Efim Ivanovich

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SMIRNOV Efim Ivanovich (sort. in 1904) — the organizer and the theorist of the Soviet military and civil health care, Hera of Socialist Work (1978), the academician of AMH 1948), the doctor of medical sciences, professor. Colonel general of medical service. Member of the CPSU (1929).

SMIRNOV Efim Ivanovich

In 1932 ended VMA, in 1938 — evening department of Military academy of M. V.

Frunz. From 1932 to 1937 worked as the army doctor. In 1938 — 1939 headed medical service of the Leningrad Military District, in 1939 — 1946 was the chief of the Head voyennosanitarny department of Red Army (since 1946 — the Head military-medical department of Armed Forces of the USSR). From 1947 to 1952 the Minister of Health of the USSR. In the next years holds various senior positions in the Soviet Army.

E. I. Smirnov is an author more than 50 scientific works. The largest merit of E. I. Smirnov in the field of civil and especially military health care is broad scientific justification of organizational forms of medical service of the population and medical ensuring fighting of troops. It developed many questions of the theory and practice of civil and military health care, hl. obr. in the field of studying of communication between organizational forms of medical providing troops and the principles of military art, and also dependence of quality of medical aid to the population from organizational structure to lay down. - the prof. of network. E. I. Smirnov possesses a special role in improvement on the eve of and during the Great Patriotic War of organizational forms of medical ensuring fighting of troops, in development of the theory and practice of stage treatment with evacuation to destination, in the organization of anti-epidemic providing troops and development of a number of urgent problems of modern military medicine (see Medicine military, System of medical and evacuation providing Armed Forces). It made a big contribution to comprehensive study of history of domestic military medicine. Most deeply E. I. Smirnov investigated scientific heritage of N. I. Pirogov.

E. I. Smirnov was hl. the editor of the Encyclopaedic dictionary of military medicine (1946 — 1950) and the multivolume edition «Experience of the Soviet Medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945.» (1951 — 1955), and also is a member of editorial board and the editor-in-chief re dotlet BME «Military medicine. Health service of civil protection».

For merits in development of the Soviet military medicine, a big contribution to medical ensuring fighting of troops in days of the Great Patriotic War and in connection with the 60 anniversary of the Soviet Army and Navy to E. I. Smirnov the rank of the Hero of Socialist Work is given.

E. I. Smirnov is elected by the honorary member Hirurgicheskogo about-va of L. I. Pirogov, All-Union about-va historians of medicine. Royal medical about-in England and Canada.

It is awarded by seven Orders of Lenin, three awards of the Red Banner, one of the few physicians is awarded by the Order of Kutuzov 1 class of a military leader, two awards of the Red Star, and also many medals.

Works: Questions of the organization and tactics of public health service, M., 1942; Problems of military medicine, M., 1944; Military medicine and Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov.71., 1945; The Soviet medical officers in Patriotic war, M., 1945; Encyclopaedic dictionary of military medicine, t. 1 — 6, M., 1946 — 1950 (glavn. edition); Experience of the Soviet medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945, t. 1 — 35, M., 1951 — 1 955 (glavn. edition); Modern value of original positions of Y. Y. Pirogov in field surgery, Vestn. hir., t. 83, JVb 8, page 3, 1959. t. 85, No. 12, page 11, 1960; The Scientific organization of military medicine — the main condition of its big contribution to a victory, Vestn. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 11, page 30, 1975; Lessons of anti-epidemic providing troops in the Great Patriotic War and some aspects of modern epidemiology and immunology, Shurn. mikr., epid. and immun., L» 4, page 3, 1975; War and military medicine, 1939 — 1945, M., 1976, 1979; 60 anniversary of Armed Forces of the USSR and Soviet military medicine, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 7, page 17. 1978; Problems of immunology in system of anti-epidemic protection of troops in the Great Patriotic War, Immunology. V. I, page 5, 1980 (sovm. with Gariny II. Page); Epidemic process (Problems and judgments), M., 1980 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Outstanding organizer of health care and military-medical business. To E. I. Smirnov's 70 anniversary, Owls. zdravookhr., JV-' 12, page 76, 1974.

S. A. Semeka, V. N. Zhizhin.