SMIRNOV Alexander Ivanovich

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SMIRNOV Alexander Ivanovich (1887 — 1976) — the Soviet physiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1950), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1946). Colonel of medical service.

SMIRNOV Alexander Ivanovich

In 1914 graduated from natural department St. Petersburg un-that, and in 1925 gained the diploma of the doctor. In 1908 — 1916 in I. P. Pavlov's laboratory studied mechanisms of secretion of digestive glands. In 1916 protected dokt. the thesis on «To Physiology of Pancreatic Secretion». Since 1919 professor of department of physiology Kuban agricultural in-that, since 1920 the department chair of physiology Kuban, and in 1932 — 1942 the 4th Moscow medical in-that. In 1942 joined the volunteer the ranks of the Soviet Army where held a number of responsible positions.

A. I. Smirnov is the author of the St. 100 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to a problem of functional interrelation of bark of hemicerebrums and subcrustal centers, and also studying of noncardiac regulation of cordial activity. To them the braking action of a cerebral cortex on the central tone of vagus nerves and on the respiratory and gastrosecretory centers of a myelencephalon for the first time is revealed and it is established that excitement of a respiratory center, in turn, exert the expressed impact on a functional condition of c. N of page. He showed a role of the interaction wandering and sympathetic nerves in regulation of action of the heart, revealed the reflex and humoral factors causing a tone of the centers of vagus nerves, established dependence between tonic excitement of these centers and expressiveness of reflexes of heart, put forward idea of a guarding role of a tone of the centers of vagus nerves. A number of its researches is devoted to studying of the course of the afferent fibers of a vagus nerve and sinocarotid zone participating in regulation of blood circulation and breath. It showed value of a functional synapse between an atrioventricular band (ventriculonector) and a myocardium. Researches A. And. Smirnova promoted clarification of a number of patterns in regulation of cordial activity in the conditions of norm and at pathology (a myocardial infarction, a hypoxia, a hypothermia, etc.).

A. I. Smirnov was a member of presidiums of the Academic councils of M3 of RSFSR and the Head military-medical department, the member of VAK, the commission on fight against a local craw. It is elected the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo physiological about-va of I. P. Pavlov.

It is awarded the order the Red Star and medals.

Works: About the central tonic and reflex delay of a cordial rhythm, Klin, medical, t. 6, No. 7, page 385, 1928; About an origin of a tone of the center of a vagus nerve, in the same place, t. 7, No. 23-24, page 1514, 1929; About the autonomic nervous system, in the same place, t. 10, No. 13-16, page 418, 1932; Regulation of respiratory movements, Usp. sovr. biol., t. 12, century 1, page 94, 1940; About a depressor nerve of sinocarotid area, Bulletin ekspery. biol. and medical, t. 24, No. 7, page 44, 1947; To a question of functional interrelation with a respiratory center of bark of big cerebral hemispheres and other departments of the central nervous system, in book: Vopr. it is normal of regulation of breath and patol., under the editorship of V. N. Chernigovsky, page 39, M., 1959 (sovm. with V. S. Rajevski); The Role of a tone of the centers of vagus nerves in an economical form of cordial activity, M., 1967; Heart as heterogeneous excitable system, Cardiology, t. 10, No. 3, page 74, 1970.

Bibliography: Alexander Ivanovich Smirnov (To the 85 anniversary since birth), Cardiology, t. 12, No. 10, page 157, 1972; Kvass D. G. and Fedorov Grotto A. K. Physiological school of I. P. Pavlov, page 224, L., 1967.

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