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SMEGMA (Greek smegma soap, ointment; synonym preputial fat) — the mazevidny white matter which is in a preputial bag of a penis is preferential on an internal leaf of a prepuce. Nek-ry scientists a smegma call also the secret of the sebaceous glands located at women in the field of small vulvar lips, accumulating in a groove between big and small vulvar lips around a clitoris and between his legs.

The main component C. are fats. According to Pratt-Thomas (H. R. Pratt-Thomas) and soavt. (1956), contents in S. of neutral fats, free cholesterol, lecithin makes apprx. 30%, the general fat to - t of St. 20%. At a smegma there is specific nonpathogenic microflora — the mycobacteria of a smegma (Mycobacterium smegmatis) morphologically similar to mycobacteria of tuberculosis (see. Mycobacteria ). These mycobacteria are capable to assimilate the fats which are contained in S. actively.

Mikropreparat of skin of an internal leaf of a prepuce of a penis: 1 — epidermis; 2 — the epithelial ledge consisting of cells of a granular layer of epidermis; 3 — a derma; x 120

By data A. M. Nesvetova and A. Shabada (1964), the main source of education of S. is the epithelium of special epithelial ledges of skin of a balanus and an internal leaf of a prepuce which is exposed to fatty dystrophy and tearing away. These ledges consist of epithelial cells of a granular layer of epidermis, have various sizes and the form (fig). They are most expressed at the age of 18 — 25 years that corresponds to the increased smegmoobrazovaniye in the period of the greatest sexual activity, and are absent at senile age.

At early children's age (up to 2 years) in the presence of a physiological phymosis (see) under a prepuce S.'s accumulations are sometimes probed, in rare instances stones — smegmolita are formed of it. S.'s accumulations and smegmolita can be formed also at a true phymosis. In similar cases make disclosure of a preputial bag and wash away Page.

Long stagnation of S. in a preputial bag at a phymosis, violations of the rules of personal hygiene promotes development of inflammatory diseases of skin of a balanus and internal leaf of a prepuce (see. Balanitis, balanoposthitis ), to developing of pretumor diseases (leukoplakia, papillomas, etc.) and cancer penis (see). Plnut, Kohn-Speyer (A. Plaut, A. S. Kohn-Speyer, 1947), L. I. Charkviani and V. D. Todua (1965), etc. in experiments on animals revealed oncogenous properties C. at her stagnation. Assume that at the same time the sterols which are contained in S. gain oncogenous properties, perhaps, under the influence of mycobacteria of a smegma.

For prevention of a balanitis, a balanoposthitis and tumors of a penis it is necessary to prevent S.'s stagnation (including and at children's age): to follow rules of personal hygiene (see. Personal hygiene, men ), timely to eliminate a phymosis.

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A. Shabad.