SLOVTSOV Boris Ivanovich

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SLOVTSOV Boris Ivanovich (1874 — 1924) — the Soviet biochemist, professor (1910).

SLOVTSOV Boris Ivanovich

In 1897 ended VMA and it was left for improvement in laboratory of the physiological chemistry directed by A. Ya. Danilevsky. In 1899 protected dokt. the thesis on «To the Doctrine about Oxidases of an Animal Body» then for two years was in a scientific business trip abroad. Since 1903 the privatdozent at department of physiological chemistry of VMA, the manager. wedge, laboratory. From 1910 to 1912 professor of pharmacology medical f-that Saratov un-that.

Since 1912 professor of physiological chemistry Women's medical in-that in St. Petersburg (nowadays the 1st Leningrad medical in-t).

Since 1919 manager. biochemical department Ying-that experimental medicine in Petrograd. From 1920 to 1922 was the director Ying-that experimental medicine.

B. I. Slovtsov is an author more than 150 scientific works devoted to various problems of biochemistry: to a metabolism in an organism of mammals and the person, balneology and to a climatotherapy, hypovitaminoses (in particular, to a hypovitaminosis C), to influence of rennin on proteins of food. In the years of World War I (1914 — 1918) he studied influence of asphyxiating gases on an organism. In the experimental medicine created by it at Ying-those to experienced clinic medical biochemical aspects of various forms of insufficiency of food were investigated, were developed accepted with fiziol. points of view substitutes of foodstuff. In the last years of life he went in for biochemistry of a brain, in particular biochemistry of proteins, of lipoid and enzymes of a brain it is normal also at an autolysis.

B. I. Slovtsov was an editor-in-chief of «Russian of the physiological magazine of I. M. Sechenov» and the editor of the Medical Business magazine.

Works: To the doctrine about oxidases of an animal body (A salivary oxidase), a yew., SPb., 1899; Short textbook of physiology, SPb., 1906, L., 1926; The Management for clinical trial of urine, SPb., 1908, Pg., 1918; Food layouts, For the hospital and practical doctor, Pg., 1915; Influence of the Matsesta sources on a human body, Pg., 1917; The Guide for a practical training in biological chemistry, century 1, Pg., 1918, M. — L., 1925; Sugar and saccharin, Pg., 1918; Vademecum of the practical doctor, M. — Pg., 1923; Physiology of work, M. — Pg., 1923, M. — L. 1925.

Bibliography: Veselkina V. Slovtsov Boris Ivanovich, 1874 — 1924, in book: Slovtsov B. I. Short textbook fiziol., L., 1926; e f t e r Yu. M. The main directions in scientific activity B. I. Slovtsova, Vopr. pitas., t. 14, No. 2, page 44, 1955.

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