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SLOVIANSK — one of the oldest mud and balneological resorts of the country, is located in 7 km from Sloviansk the Donetsk Region of USSR in a big coniferous and deciduous array.

Sloviansk. Sanatorium «Anniversary»

The page is in the flat district of a steppe zone with the climate which is characterized in the dry, warm summer (average monthly temperature of July - j-22 °) and in the soft winter (average monthly temperature of January — 7 °). An annual average amount of precipitation apprx. 500 mm. Annual average relative humidity of 40 — 45%.

The major medical factors of S. are sulphidic silt mud with a hydrogen sulfide content from 0,14 to 0,3% and high content of organic biologically active agents and hydrogen-sulfide chloride sodium waters of salty and mud lakes. Turnip and Slepny, and also the lake Veysovoye located near them (a mineralization 17; 3,5 and 14,5 g/l respectively; the hydrogen sulfide content changing depending on depth of the lake and season in cold time averages 226,1 mg/l). In the territory of the resort by means of boreholes chloride sodium brine waters with a mineralization of 160 — 270 g/l are removed to a surface, to-rye apply in the corresponding cultivation for bathtubs (see),

For balneoterapiya (see) are used the low-mineralized sulphatic sodium magnesium-calcium water (an analog mineral lecheb - but - table Kashinskaya water) and the low-mineralized hloridno-sulfate magnesium-calcium-sodium water (an analog of the Izhevsk mineral water), fields to-rykh are near the resort.

In the resort there are a balneo-physiotherapeutic association, mud baths, at sanatorium Donbass functions policlinic for ambulatories. The klimatolecheniye is widely applied (see. Climatotherapy ), underwater extension, electrophototherapic procedures (see. Phototherapy ), bathings in lakes.

In the resort rest houses, sanatoria for adults and 1 — for children function. In 1982 to the resort of «Sloviansk» 150 years were executed.

Indications to treatment in the resort: diseases of a musculoskeletal system, nervous system, including effect of diseases and spine injuries and spinal cord, and also disease of female generative organs; for children — diseases of cardiovascular system, rheumatism.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

Bibliography: Health resorts of labor unions of the USSR, under the editorship of I. I. Kozlov, page 359, M., 1979; Kolesnik E. D. Treatment of patients with damage of a spinal cord in the resort of Sloviansk, Kiev, 1980.

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