SKVORTSOV Vladislav Irinarkhovich

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SKVORTSOV Vladislav Irinarkhovich (1879 — 1959) — the Soviet pharmacologist, the academician of AMH (1944), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1940).

SKVORTSOV Vladislav Irinarkhovich

In 1902 graduated from Army medical college in St. Petersburg, from 1902 to 1906 served as the junior doctor of a regiment in Warsaw, from 1906 to 1909 at department of biochemistry Moscow un-that at V. S. Gulevich. In 1909 I. Skvortsov protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Comparative Research of Nitrogenous Extractives of Muscular Tissue of a Calf and Ox», since 1910 the privatdozent, gave a course of chemistry of proteins. After specialization from 1913 to 1923 headed department of pharmacology Saratov un-that, at the same time conducted a course of biological chemistry, un-that was one of founders and the dean of the High female courses, the vice rector. Since 1924 and until the end of life V. I. Skvortsov of the department chair of pharmacology of the 2nd MSU (afterwards the 2nd MMI). At the same time gave a course of lectures on pharmacology in TsIU, at different times directed department of general physiology and biochemistry Ying-that protection of motherhood and an infancy, pharmacological department All-Union chemical and pharmaceutical in-that, laboratory Ying-that pharmacology and chemotherapy of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

V. I. Skvortsov is the author of St. 100 scientific works, in number to-rykh the monograph «Acidosis and Alkalosis», original, problem and program articles in the leading directions of development of pharmacology, the fundamental guide for students and doctors «A course of pharmacology» which sustained 8 editions and translated to the Romanian, Georgian and Azerbaijani languages. On an initiative and under the editorial office B. PI. Skvortsova «The grant to a practical training on pharmacology» is created. It possesses a research of biochemical mechanisms of effect of medicinal substances, search and studying pharmakol. the means influencing the autonomic nervous system development of methods of medicinal regulation of activity of cardiovascular system, problems of toxicology, chemotherapy, etc.

V. I. Skvortsov was the chairman of commission of experts of VAK USSR, the board member Vsesoyuznykh scientific about-in physiologists, biochemists and pharmacologists, the editor of redotde-la «Pharmacology» of the 1st and 2nd prod. BME, editor-in-chief of the Pharmacology and Toxicology magazine, member of the Academic council of M3 of the USSR, member of medical section of Committee on the State awards.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Comparative research of thick extractives in a mouse «<.chn of tissue of calf and an ox, a yew., M., <G4; Course of pharmacology, 1st prod., Sar *» «in, the 1922 — 1923, 8 prod., M., 1948; Pharmacotherapy, in book: Bases rubbed., under the editorship of S. A. Brustein and D. D. Pletnev, t. 1, page 5, M. — L., 1925; Acidosis and an alkalosis in medicine, M., 1928; Help tables for pharmaceutical institutions and drugstores, M. — L., 1935 (edition).

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