SKVORTSOV Mikhail Aleksandrovich

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SKVORTSOV Mikhail Aleksandrovich (1876 — 1963) — the Soviet pathologist, the academician of AMH (1945), zasl. scientist (1942), winner of the State award USSR (1949).

SKVORTSOV Mikhail Aleksandrovich

M. A. Skvortsov in 1899 finished medical f-t Moscow un-that and would work as the territorial doctor in the Kaluga province. Since 1902 the assistant to department patol. anatomy medical f-that Moscow un-that. From 1911 to 1946 the prosector of the Morozovsky nursery-tsy (nowadays City nursery clinical-tsa No. 1). Here M. A. Skvortsov created the unique pathoanatomical museum numbering more than 1500 macrodrugs and 15 thousand microdrugs. Along with 1942 for 1947 the prof. of department patol. anatomy of the 1st MMI and manager. laboratory patol. anatomy of children's diseases Ying-that normal and pathological morphology (1942 — 1952). From 1952 to 1959 the manager. laboratory patol. anatomiya of diseases of children's age Ying-that pediatrics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. From 1959 to 1961 the manager. department of a patomorfologiya of diseases, same children's age in-that.

M. A. Skvortsov published 104 scientific works. He is a founder of pathological anatomy of diseases of children's age in the USSR. Repeatedly republished monograph about pathological anatomy of the major diseases of children's age has the greatest scientific value (the first edition appeared in 1925, the last, added with pupils — in 1960). In it the pathoanatomical characteristic of children's diseases on nozol is for the first time given. to the principle. Many of chapters of this book did not lose the value and in a crust, time, napr, M. A. Skvortsov's doctrine about features of rheumatism at children's age, questions of morphology of umbilical sepsis, a spotted fever, the complicated measles and whooping cough, etc. M. A. Skvortsov gave the first developed description of a rheumatic pancarditis with the exudative component which is found at children, described morphology of a septicaemia and intersticial pneumonia at children, developed bases morfol. diagnosis of a pylorostenosis and pylorospasm. Its descriptions of pathological anatomy inf. diseases at children became classical and entered manuals. M. A. Skvortsov monthly read for a number of years in the City children's hospital No. 1 of a lecture on patol. anatomy of diseases of children.

For work «Pathological anatomy of bone and joint tuberculosis» (together with T. P. Red bayevym) to M. A. Skvortsov the State award is awarded.

M. A. Skvortsov was an editor of a redotdel «Pathology and morphology» of the 2nd prod. BME.

A. P. Avtsyn, V. M. Afanasyeva, B. S. Gusman, T.E. Ivanovskaya, E were M. A. Skvortsov's pupils. N. Ter-Grigorova, etc.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (two) and Labour Red Banners, medals.

Works: Sketch of pathological anatomy of children's infectious diseases, M., 1925; Pathological anatomy of bone and joint tuberculosis, in book: T. P phrasemongers. Bone and articulate tube. at children, page 27, M. — L., 1928; Gistomorfologiya rheumatic miokardita its clinical value, Arkh. stalemate. annate. and fiziol., t. 4, century 2, page 7, 1938; About vascular diseases of wartime, Klin, medical, t. 21, No. 9, page 3, 1943; Morphology and pathogeny of umbilical sepsis, Pediatrics, No. 6, page 17, 1945; Pathoanatomical changes of fabrics in the place of an injection of solution of Sulfidinum across Planelyes, in the same place, No. 1, page 45; Pathological anatomy of the major diseases of children's age, M., 1946; The Multivolume guide to pathological anatomy, under the editorship of A. I. Strukov, t. 3, M., 1960 (bus of a number of hl. and edition of volume).

Bibliography: Avtsyn A. P., Afanasyev V. M. and Ter-Grigorova E. H., M. A. Skvortsov is the founder of pathological anatomy of diseases of children's age, Arkh. patol., t. 38, No. 10, page 86, 1976; With t r at to about in A.I. and Serov V. V. Pathological anatomy, page 10, M., 1979; Strukova. And., etc. 60 years of Great October socialist revolution and development of the Soviet pathological anatomy, Arkh. patol., t. 39, No. 10, page 3, 1977.

T.E. Ivanovskaya.