SKVORTSOV Irinarkh Polikhronyevich

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SKVORTSOV Irinarkh Polikhronyevich (1847 — 1921) — the domestic hygienist.

SKVORTSOV Irinarkh Polikhronyevich

Ended medical f-t Kazan un-that in 1871. Since 1872 it is affiliated to un-that for preparation for a professorial rank on physiology and hygiene. Since 1875 the associate professor of hygiene Kazan un-that. Further professor of hygiene of the Warsaw and Kharkiv high fur boots (1882 — 1906). Since 1906 professor of hygiene Kiev un-that.

I.P. Skvortsov is the author of 150 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of hygiene and sanitary business. The concept «gigiologiya» was offered to them, the Crimea it designated science about health — unlike pathology — science about a disease. Developing the concept about close connection of life activity of the person with the environment, working conditions and life, I.P. Skvortsov paid special attention to studying of influence of physical, chemical and biological environmental factors on health of the person; one of the first noted physiological and hygienic value of electric properties of air; made an original hypothesis of electrodynamic essence of life.

Works: Bases of a gigiologiya and hygiene, M., 1900; Field hygiene, SPb., 1904; Hygiene with inclusion of anatomy, physiology and pathology of a human body, SPb., 1-906.

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