SKROBANSKY Konstantin Klementyevich

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SKROBANSKY Konstantin Klementyevich (1874 — 1946) — the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist, the academician of AMH (1944), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1935).

SKROBANSKY Konstantin Klementyevich

Ended VMA in 1898, it was left at academy and worked in obstetric and gynecologic clinic. In 1901 protected dokt. the thesis about healing of wounds of an ovary. From 1902 to 1904 was in a foreign business trip, worked in laboratories and clinics of Germany and France. In 1905 it was elected the privatdozent of VMA; in addition to reading a course, would work in surgical department of Mary Magdalene and managed the 15th city maternity shelter. In 1912 it was elected professor Zhenskogo medical in-that (nowadays the 1st Lenin - gradsky medical in in-t of I. Pavlov), in Krom since 1923 directed obstetric and gynecologic department and clinic.

At the same time in 1941 — 1943 was the chief of hospital.

K. K. Skrobansky is an author apprx. 170 scientific works, from to-rykh the greatest value represented researches about changes of function of ovaries at various acute inf. diseases. For experimental studying of function of ovaries it received ovariotoksichesky serum (1904). K. K. Skrobansko-m possesses also works about an eclampsia (experiments with a placental emulsion), Cesarean section, osteomalacy, pernicious vomiting of pregnant women, a diabetes mellitus, anesthesia and a number of works about malignant new growths of female generative organs and measures of fight against these tumors.

K. K. Skrobansky participated in the organization of the first oncological society in Russia; was one of organizers of convocation of the I Congress of oncologists and the editor of his works; took active part in the organization and holding congresses All-Union about-va obstetricians-gi-nekologov; the Obstetrics was an editor of a redotdel «. Gynecology» 1st BME edition and «Magazine of obstetrics and female diseases»; consisted the member of many scientific about - century.

Works: To a question of healing of some wounds of an ovary, yew., SPb., 1901; The Quick reference guide on anesthesia of normal childbirth, M. — L., 1936; The Textbook of obstetrics, M. — L., 1936, L., 1946; The Textbook of gynecology, M. — L., 1938, L., 1946.

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