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SKORINA Georgy (Francis, apprx. 1490 — 1541) — one of the first domestic doctors of medicine, the Belarusian first printer and the educator.


Got an initial education in the homeland in Polotsk. In 1504 arrived on philosophical f-t Krakow un-that where in 1506 became the bachelor, and then the master. Afterwards, presumably, studied for medical f-those. Received degree of the doctor of philosophy and medicine in 1512 on medical f-those Paduan un-that (Italy).

Educational and publishing of G. Sko-rina took place during completion of formation of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian people, formation of national languages and culture, in the conditions of fight against foreign enslavement of the Ukrainian and Belarusian lands. In the works he emphasized communication of the Belarusian and Russian people. In 1517 — 1519 in Prague of G. Skorin published 23 books in old Belarusian under the general name «Bible of a Rusk». Later in Vilna it founded the first in our country printing house, in a cut were printed «A small roadside book» (1522) and «Apostle» (1525). Due to epidemic of a typhinia in 1530 quickly worked in Konigsberg. In 1526 — 1532 the secretary and the court doctor of the vilensky bishop, and after 1534 and until the end of life the gardener of a royal botanic garden in Prague.

G. Skorin in the editions constantly emphasized that he is a doctor, the doctor», «in sciences and in drugs the teacher» called himself «in doctor sciences. He saw the purpose of the publishing in education of the simple people: «to people pospoli-ty Russian to kind learning». It exerted a great influence on development of literary Belarusian. G. Skorina's editions are original, differ in high printing and art level.

On the views of G. Skorin was an idealist, but, recognizing boundlessness of development of human mind, insisted on deep studying of human nature. G. Skorina's activity played a big role in fight against oppression of the Polish and Lithuanian feudal lords and Catholicism.

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