SKORICHENKO-AMBODIK Grigory Grigoryevich

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SKORICHENKO-AMBODIK Grigory Grigoryevich (1858 — 1928) — the domestic historian of medicine, the bibliographer, the pathologist.

SKORICHENKO-AMBODIK Grigory Grigoryevich

Ended physical and mathematical f-t Novorossiysk (Odessa) un-that and with honors BMA (1883). It is left for preparation for a professorial rank at department of the general (experimental) pathology at the prof. W. W. Paschu ooze. Since 1886 the assistant to the librarian of a main library of VMA. In 1891 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Oppression of Life (Old and New about Hibernatation)». In 1894 it is elected the privatdozent on department of the general pathology, and in 1895 extraordinary professor to again approved department of history and the encyclopedia of medicine. Since 1900 ordinary professor of this department. The department under the leadership of G. G. Skorichenko-Ambodik became the center of researches on history of medicine.

The main scientific works of G. G. Skorichenko-Ambodik are devoted to questions of history of medicine. It developed approaches to studying of history of medicine of primitive society. Provisions of its historical and medical concept about the reasons of origin of medico-hygienic activity and formation of medical thinking keep the value up to now; it published also researches on history VMA and medical providing troops in Russia, stories of foreign medicine. He is the author of lectures on the encyclopedia of medicine and the textbook on stories of medicine. G. G. Skorichen-co-Ambodik is also the author of a number of works on experimental pathology, it developed one of methods of embalming.

Since 1903 managed a main library of VMA, reorganized it and prepared for the edition the systematic catalog of books and magazines of library since its basis, in 5 volumes. For antigovernment statements in 1909 it was retired. After Great October socialist revolution and till 1928 managed VMA library and taught history of medicine.

Since 1880 G. Skorichenko-Ambo-dik cooperated in magazines «Vrach», «Prakticheskaya meditsina», «Mezhdunarodnaya klinika», since 1896 was an editor of the international magazine on stories of medicine «Farnis».

Works: Historical sketch of department of history and the encyclopedia of medicine in Army medical college, SPb., 1898; To the 100 anniversary of imperial Army medical college, SPb., 1898.

Bibliography: Angels I. I., G. G. Skorichenko-Ambodik, Arkh. medical sciences, t. 2, century 2-3, page 167, 1929.

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