SKLYANSKY Efraim Markovic

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SKLYANSKY Efraim Markovic (1892 — 1925) — the Soviet doctor, the state, party and military figure, the active participant of Great October socialist revolution. The member of the CPSU since 1913.

SKLYANSKY Efraim Markovic

In 1911 arrived on medical f-t Kiev un-that, in student's years since 1913 on the instructions of the Kiev committee of RSDRP conducted occupations in working Marxist circles, in 1914 — 1916 participated in anti-war student's performances. Upon termination of un-that in 1916 it was mobilized in field army. After the February revolution — the member of regimental, and then divisional and case soldier's committees, the chairman of committee of the 5th army, the member of the Dwin committee of RSDRP(b), the chairman of the board of soldier's deputies; in October days — the member of the Petrograd revolutionary-military committee, ordered the summary group which occupied the headquarters of the Petrograd military district, the delegate and the member of Presidium of the II congress of Councils. In November, 1917 — the commissioner of General staff, then the Rate of the Supreme Commander in Mogilev. According to V. I. Lenin's proposal it is left at work in Petrograd. From December, 1917 to March, 1924 one of heads of military department of the country — the deputy people's commissar on military and sea affairs, the deputy chairman of Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic, the member of council of Defense (1918 — 1920), Council of Work and Defense (1920 — 1921), the member of board Narkomzdrava (1919 — 1924), the member of VTsIK (1918-1924).

E. M. Sklyansky possesses big merits in construction of Red Army. He headed all organizational work of Revolutionary Military Council and Narkomat on military and sea affairs, persistently put into practice the Lenin principles of construction of armed forces, coordinated military and economic work etc.

E. M. Sklyansky made an essential contribution to the organization of voyennosanitarny business. In December, 1919 he headed the Extraordinary Military and Sanitary Commission (EMSC), activity a cut promoted radical improvement a dignity. conditions of military medical institutions, providing them with fuel, about-dovolstviyekhm, property. According to the instruction E. M. Sklyansky on all fronts the ChVSK branches directing fight against epidemics, carrying out a gigabyte were organized. the measures providing combat readiness of Red Army. According to the order of Revolutionary Military Council signed by E. M. Sklyansky the responsibility of commanders and commissioners for a dignity was increased. condition of parts and connections of army. At the initiative of E. M. Sklyansky the food ration to wounded and sick Red Army men to norm of reserve bodies, and sick typhus — to front norm was increased. Creation by E. M. Sklyansky at ChVSK of various subcommittees (anti-epidemic, surgical, medical supply, etc.) with attraction to work in them the large specialists (e.g., V. A. Oppel, A. V. Martynov, P. A. Herzen, etc.) who were coming out to fronts promoted improvement of work of all links of medical providing field army. For E. M. Sklyansky's merits in the organization, formations of Red Army and for continuous work of VTsIK in it awarded the order to him the Red Banner (1923). V. I. Lenin highly appreciated E. M. Sklyansky's work, saying that there will be such workers as E. M. Sklyansky not much. Name E. M. Sklyansky it is often mentioned in Lenin documents of the period of civil war.

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