SKLIFOSOVSKY Nikolay Vasilyevich

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SKLIFOSOVSKY Nikolay Vasilyevich (1836 — 1904) — - the outstanding surgeon, one of founders of domestic clinical medicine.

SKLIFOSOVSKY Nikolay Vasilyevich

Upon termination of in 1859 medical f-that Moscow un-that city would work as the intern of surgical department Odessa. In 1863 protected dokt. the thesis on «About a Blood Perimetric Tumour». In 1866 — 1868 trained at B. Langenbek, R. Virkhov, O. Ne-laton, J. Simpson. Having returned from abroad, the manager held a position. surgical department Odessa city-tsy. Since 1870 the prof. of department of surgical pathology of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. Since 1880 the department chair of faculty surgical clinic Moscow un-that and the dean medical f-that. In 1893 — 1900 professor and director Klinicheskogo in-that improvements of doctors in St. Petersburg. As the doctor took part in avstro-Prussian (1866), French-Prussian (1870 — 1871) and the rus-sko-Turkish (1877 — 1878) wars.

The whole era in development of domestic medicine, and first of all surgeries is connected with a name of N. V. Sklifosovsky. It created more than 85 fundamental scientific works. It actively promoted implementation in domestic surgery of the principles antiseptic agents (see) and asepsises (see); was a pioneer of band surgery (operational treatment of diseases went. - kish. path, urinogenital system); together with I. I. Nasilov offered an original method of connection of bones — the Russian lock or Sklifosovsky's lock; it also developed methods of treatment of brain hernias. Putting into practice N. I. Pirogov's ideas, N. V. Sklifosovsky made a large contribution to development of field surgery. He supported approach of medical aid to the place of fight, broad use of plaster bandages as cure of an immobilization for fractures of extremities, replacement of a lint with a purified cotton, spoke against a skuchpvaniye of wounded, a cut promotes spread of vnutrigospitalyiy infections. The name of N. V. Sklifosovsky is born by many operations: a removing calculus from a bladder, substitution of inborn defect of handles of vertebrae a free transplant, operation at treatment of hemorrhoids, and also operation at prolapse of the rectum (see) — Sklifosovsky — Rena — Delorma — Bira operation.

N. V. Sklifosovsky was an eminent public figure, one of initiators and founders Pirogovsky congresses (see); the organizer and the chairman of the XII International congress of doctors in Moscow - (1897) and the I congress of the Russian surgeons (1900). Being the dean medical f-that Moscow un-that, promoted a construction of new clinics on the Maiden field (nowadays clinics of the 1st MMI); was an editor of Surgical Chronicle and Chronicle of the Russian Surgery magazines.

The name of N. V. Sklifosovsky is appropriated to the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Medicine.

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