SKAVRONSKAYA Adelina-Victoria Genrikhovna

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SKAVRONSKAYA Adelina-Victoria Genrikhovna (sort. in 1922) — the Soviet microbiologist geneticist, professor, the member correspondent of AMH (1975), the schoolgirl V. D. Timakova.

SKAVRONSKAYA Adelina-Victoria Genrikhovna

In 1946 ended the 2nd MMI, the People's commissar-is sensible of the USSR worked as the research associate of laboratory of biochemistry. Since 1948 — in scientific research institute of epidemiology and microbiology to them. I. F. Gamalei of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1963 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Biological Activity of Bacterial DNA and Its Change under the influence of External Influences». Since 1966 she manages laboratory of genetics of bacteria.

A. G. Skavronskaya is the author of 150 scientific works devoted to studying of structure and functions of the genetic device of microorganisms, a research of problems of a mutagenesis at bacteria. By it the phenomenon of a sensitization of bacteria 5 bromouracil is open for lethal action of oncogenous and onkostatichesky chemical alkylating agents, new mutators are revealed and connection of a spontaneous mutagenesis with process of DNA repair is established. It for the first time open and mapped the genes determining radiation resistance of salmonellas. Researches A. G. Skavronskoy, carried out in recent years, are connected with studying of genetic structures at pathogenic microorganisms and a role of bacterial plasmids in emergence of mutations and recovery of DNA after damages.

A. G. Skavronskaya is an editor of red-department «Medical genetics» of BME, the chairman of the problem commission of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences «Genetics and molecular biology of bacteria».

Works: Biological activity of DNA of bacteria and its change under the influence of external influences, a yew., M., 1963; Mutations at bacteria, M., 1967; Theoretical and experimental bases of the genetic analysis of bacteria, M., 1976; Genetics of microorganisms and medical microbiology, in book: Probl. the general medical mikrobiol., under the editorship of D. R. Kaulen, page 20, M., 1979.

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