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«SI YUAN-LU» — the first in the world literature treatise on forensic medicine. Sung Ci is written in 1247 (1186 — 1249); sustained numerous reprintings. The treatise was in fact the comprehensive guidance on forensic medicine covering all its directions and reflecting the level of scientific knowledge and representations of that time, achievement in the field of applied medicine and law.

Sung Ci (1180 — 1249)

«Yuan-Lu» was widely known to the SI and gained deserved recognition not only in China, but also in Korea, Japan, the countries of Indochina. The data which are contained in it exerted considerable impact on development of criminalistics and forensic medicine in these countries.

The treatise consists of five books. The first two contain detailed data on the rules accepted then in China and an order of production court. - medical researches of a corpse, its documentation, use for this purpose of special forms with the outline drawing of a human body. Special attention is paid to questions of identification of a corpse and the description of damages, graphics with the indication of points of a body, damage to area are provided to-rykh. according to the author, are life-threatening, i.e. lead to death immediately after their drawing or during the first 3 days. In the same books ways of diagnosis and the proof of violent death from damage by sharp and blunt objects, mechanical asphyxia, action of high temperature are considered. The main data on ways and tools of damages, differential diagnosis of an intravital or posthumous origin of damages, signs of death for hunger, effects of atmospheric electricity are provided in the 3rd book; in detail the reasons of sudden death, and also death as a result of incorrectly carried out treatment understand. the 4th and 5th books of the treatise are devoted to poisons and poisonings, in them poisonings with poisonous herbs, mushrooms, poisons of animal origin, by carbon monoxide gas, arsenic, mercury, camphor, etc. are described, necessary data on first-aid treatment by the victim and treatment of poisonings are provided.

I. V. Buromsky.