SITKOVSKY Pyotr Porfiryevich

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SITKOVSKY Pyotr Porfiryevich (1882 — 1933) — the Soviet surgeon.

SITKOVSKY Pyotr Porfiryevich

In 1908 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, worked as the intern and the assistant in clinic of the hospital surgery directed by A. V. Martinov. Participant of World War I (1914 — 1918), senior doctor of stage infirmary of the Red Cross. In 1916 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Postoperative Bleedings at Jaundice», in a cut on the basis of experimental and the wedge, observations stated new views of the mechanism of a blood coagulation. Since 1917 the privatdozent of clinic of hospital surgery Moscow un-that. Turkes tansky un-that took active part in the organization in Tashkent the first in Central Asia. From 1920 to 1932 professor, the head of clinic of faculty surgery and the dean medical f-that Turkestan un-that. In 1928 organized the first in Central Asia clinic of surgical stomatology. In 1932 moved to Ryazan where organized a hospital at a clinic of the Red Cross.

P. P. Sitkovsky is the author of 30 scientific works devoted to questions of abdominal and osteoplastic surgery. It described an important symptom of an acute appendicitis (Sitkovsky's symptom); the method of sterilization of a catgut is developed by vapors of iodine (1911); the original device for definition of coagulability of blood afterwards improved by B. A. Egorov is invented (Sitkovsky's device — Egorova).

P. P. Sitkovsky was a secretary Ob-va of the Russian surgeons in Moscow; took active part in drawing up «A year-book of the Russian medical press»; was the chairman of the I congress of doctors of Turkestan (1922) called on its initiative; founded the first in Central Asia medical magazine — «The Turkestan medical magazine».

Works: The device for an oxygen anesthesia by means of the device Braun'a, Medical obozr., t. 73, No. 7, page 627, 1910; Free bone plastics at amputations, Surgery, t. 32, No. 188, page 216, 1912; To a technique of definition of coagulability of blood, Medical obozr., t. 80, No. 15, page 329, 1913; Postoperative bleedings at jaundice, a yew., M., 1916; About one of clinical signs at an inflammation of a worm-shaped shoot, Turkestansk. medical zhurn., t. 1, No. 1, page 37, 1922; Surgery of a spleen, Medical thought of Uzbekistan, No. 9-10, page 5, 1929.

Bibliography: M e l e x about in P., P. P. Sitkovsky, Is new. hir. arkh., t. 29, book 4, page 669, 1933; Postolov M. P. and Postolov A. M., P. P. Sitkovsky, Surgery, No. 3, page 114, 1981.

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