SITENKO Mikhail Ivanovich

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SITENKO Mikhail Ivanovich (1885 — 1940) — the Soviet orthopedist-traumatologist, the member correspondent of AN of USSR (1934), zasl. scientist of USSR (1936), founder of the Kharkiv school of the Soviet orthopedists-traumatologists.

SITENKO Mikhail Ivanovich

Ended in 1910 medical f-t Kharkiv un-that and it was left in un-those for preparation for a professorial rank. C1911 of worked at department of operational surgery Kharkiv un-that. In 1914 — 1918 was involved in World War I as the medical officer then continued work at department. Since 1921 the chief physician, and since 1926 and until the end of life the director Kharkiv medico-mechanical go in-that, transformed according to his offer in 1926 to the Ukrainian scientific research institute of orthopedics and traumatology (since 1940 bears his name). In 1930 M. I. Sitenko gave the rank of professor. At the same time he was the organizer and the head of department of orthopedics and traumatology of Ukrainian in-that improvements of doctors (1926), founded the Orthopedics and Traumatology (1927) magazine and was his editor; was also an initiator, the organizer and the chairman of the first congress of orthopedists-traumatologists of Ukraine (1936) which was the first congress on this specialty in the USSR.

M. I. Sitenko is an author apprx. 60 scientific works, including dokt. theses «About free bone autoplastics at pseudoarthroses» (1924). By it it is developed apprx. 20 original surgeries at congenital dislocations of a hip, habitual dislocations of a shoulder, pseudoarthroses. It successfully worked on problems of inborn deformations of the musculoskeletal device, bone plastics, field surgery.

M. I. Sitenko offered, developed and implemented in practice of the Soviet health care many new progressive forms of the organization of ortopedo-traumatologic service, especially in industrial regions (Donbass, the Kryvyi Rih basin, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv). On its initiative the network of peripheral scientific strong points in-that, system of early prof. of surveys of newborns and children of the first months of life, children's orthopedic and labor dispensaries, an injury tolite was created. the station which was a prototype modern travmatol. points, the center of rehabilitation in Sloviansk for patients with effects of injuries, etc.

M. I. Sitenko was the chairman of Ukrainian about-va orthopedists-herbs-matologov, the member of Academic medical council Narkomzdrava of the USSR and presidium of Academic medical council Narkomzdrava USSR.

Works: About the organization of the medical help to victims of accidents, Ortop. and travmat., No. 5-6, page 160, 1927; About a role of orthopedics in system of the Soviet health care and about philosophy of the organization of the orthopedic help, It is new. hir. arkh., t. 23, book 1-2, page 337, 1931; Philosophy of conservative and operational treatment of fractures of tubular bones, in the same place, page 271; Dystrophic processes in bones and joints, Ortop. and travmat., No. 1, page 9, 1935; Some guidelines from the doctrine about fire changes and their treatment, in the same place, No. 1, page 7, 1940.

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