SISKIN Vladimir Fedorovich

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The SISKIN Vladimir Fedorovich (1855 — 1922) is a domestic psychiatrist, the psychologist.

Ended in 1878. The St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy, worked under the leadership of II. P. Mer-zheevsky in clinic of psychiatry and nervous diseases. In 1883 protected dokt. thesis. Perfection an oval the knowledge abroad at the Item Fleksi-ga and Zh. Sharko. In 1885 — 1891 the senior doctor of an insane hospital of Saint Panteleymon in St. Petersburg (nowadays Municipal insane hospital No. 3 of I. I. Skvortsov-Stepanov) where equipped the Russia's first office for pilot psychological studies. Along with 1888 gave lectures on judicial psychopathology in St. Petersburg un-those. Since 1891 directed department of psychiatry and nervous diseases of Yuryevsky (nowadays Tartu) un-that where since 1893 began to give a course of lectures on psychology; stood up for creation on medical f-takh of departments of psychology. In 1915 it was called up for military service, served in Kiev where headed psychiatric department of hospital of the Red Cross.

V. F. Chizhu possesses works concerning clinic of mental diseases, to judicial psychopathology, a number of the psychological researches, in particular, devoted to the analysis of works of the famous domestic writers — F. M. Dostoyevsky, I. S. Turgenev, etc. One of the first domestic psychiatrists he began to pay attention to questions of sexology. Its researches devoted to syphilis of a brain and a general paralysis are of interest. The symptom of epilepsy described by it is known (special gray galena of eyes at patients).

Works: About pathoanatomical changes of a spinal cord in a general paralysis of mads, a yew., SPb., 1883; Dostoyevsky as psychopathologist, M., 1885; Lectures on judicial psychopathology, SPb., 1890; Catatonia, Kazan, 1897; I. S. Turgenev as psychopathologist, M., 1899; Gogol's Disease, M., 1904; Textbook of psychiatry,

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