SINITSYN Fedor Ivanovich

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SINITSYN Fedor Ivanovich (1835 — 1907) — the domestic urologist, professor (1884).

SINITSYN Fedor Ivanovich

After the termination in 1864 medical f-that Moscow un-that several years went in for ophthalmology. In 1871 protected dokt. the thesis «About influence of a cervical sympathetic node on food of an eye». From 1873 to 1875 under the leadership of the prof. V. A. Basov and PI. P. Matyu-shenkova studied surgery and urinogenital diseases. In 1875 it was sent abroad where till 1877 worked in F. Gyuyon, L. Dittel, G. Simon's urological clinics. In 1877 it was elected the associate professor, taught urology, since 1884 to the prof. of clinic of urinogenital diseases Moscow un-that, renamed according to his petition in 1890 into andrological clinic where he worked until the end of life.

F. I. Sinitsyn is a founder in Russia of andrology as scientific discipline (see. Andrology ). It published 26 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of treatment of diseases of a bladder, prostate, urethra, testicles. Researches about seed cysts, lithotripsy and a lithotomy, their types and their comparative assessment, about epispadiya and a hypospadias, a haemoglobinuria, a wedge, value of various degrees of pressure in kidneys, hemotransfusion at people, strictures of an urethra had the greatest value. The method of the emergency expansion of an urethra at its narrowing is offered them. Recognizing an interconnection between testicles and a prostate, he one of the first suggested made with to lay down. the purpose bilateral castration at patients with adenoma of a prostate and with success executed it, having established thus endocrine genesis of tumors of a prostate. F. I. Sinitsyn improved and implemented in practice steel Bougie with curvature, the corresponding curvature of the tail of an urethra, modified methods of lithotripsy.

F. I. Sinitsyn took active part in the organization and work scientific about-in: he was founder member Hirurgicheskogo about-va in Moscow and Ob-va of the Russian surgeons, was repeatedly elected the chairman Hirurgicheskogo about-va; it prepared a group of urologists, many from-rykh for steel outstanding specialists (P.F. Bogdanov, A. A. Vagapov, E. F. Vashkevich).

Works: About influence of a cervical sympathetic nerve on food of an eye, a yew., M., 1871; The Quick reference guide to studying of diseases of uric and generative organs, M., 1890; Observations over pressure in kidneys p practical conclusions from them, the Chronicle hir. about-in in Moscow, t. 10, No. 3, page 213. 1891; Bilateral castration for the purpose of radical treatment of a hypertrophy of a prostate, in the same place, t. 13, No. 1, page 48, 1894; Seed cysts, Spermatocele, Surgery, t. 7, No. 39, page 254, 1900; About a haemoglobinuria, in the same place, t. 16, No. 95, page 379, 1904; About actions during acute detention of urine, in the same place, t. 21, No. 125, page 443, 1907.

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