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SINGER Charlz (Singer Charles Joseph, 1876 — 1960) — the English historian of medicine, biology and equipment.


Studied medicine in the London and Oxford high fur boots, received academic degrees of the doctor of medicine, science and literature in Oxford un-those. From 1909 to 1913 the manager. oncological hospital; from 1914 to 1918 on military service, from 1918 to 1920 the teacher of history of biology in Oxford un-those; from 1920 to 1942 gave a course of lectures on stories of medicine in London un-those (since 1930 professor).

Ch. Singer's researches concern history of microscopy, medicine and anatomy of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. His books «Evolution of Anatomy» (1925) and «Short history of medicine» use wide popularity (1928), in a cut history of the Western European medicine of 19 century against the background of the main socio-political events is lit. The lectures on history of biology read by it in Californian un-those in 1929 — 1930 formed the basis of his book «Short History of Biology» (1931) which ran several editions. In 1941 Ch. Singer published «A short story of science till 19 century», in 1948 — «The most ancient chemical production», in 1954 — 1958 published the five-volume work «History of Technology».

Ch. Singer was the honorary member London royal medical about-va (1948) and the president of section of history of medicine of it about-va (1920 — 1922), one of is thorough also the first president British (1946 — 1948) and International

about-va stories of science (1947 — 1950). Recognition of big merits of S. was the two-volume collection of sketches published in 1953 on stories of medicine and science which laid the foundation for the publication of a series of the collections written by scientists of the world in honor of Ch. Singer.

Works: Earliest chemical industry, an essay in the historical relations of economics and technology, L., 1948; Yesalius on the human brain, L. a. o., 1952; Studies in the history and method of science, L., 1955 (edition); Galen on anatomical procedures, L. a. o., 1956; A history of technology, v. 1 — 5, Oxford, 1957 — 1958 (sovm. with other); A history of biology to about the year 1900, N. Y. — L., 1959.

Bibliography: Rabinovich P. S. Charles Zinger, Owls. zdravookhr., L!» 8, page 73, 1961; Clarke E. Charles Joseph Singer, J. Hist. Med., v. 16, p.411, 1961; Underwood E. A. Charles Singer, Med. Hist., v. 4, p. 353, 1960.

P. S. Rabinovich.