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SINAI (Sinaia) — the klimatobalneologichesky resort in the Socialist Republic Romania, is located in 127 km from Bucharest and in 45 km from Brasov in the picturesque valley of the mountain river Prakhova, on terraces of the Southern Carpathians at the height of 800 — 1400 m of S. above sea-level — one of the most known centers of winter sports in C PP.

Resort of Sinai. Habit view.

The climate is mid-mountain, characteristic of a subalpine zone, high degree of ultraviolet radiation and ionization of air. The mountains covered with softwood forests protect the resort from cold winds. Summer moderately warm (average monthly temperature of July 16 °), winter soft, windless (average monthly temperature of January — 4 °). An annual average amount of precipitation apprx. 800 mm, number of hours of sunshine on average in a year 1500.

The major medical factors are the climate, and also low-mineralized waters — hydrocarbonate calcium-magnesium and sulphidic with biologically active microelements (iodine, bromine, etc.), used for bathtubs, inhalations and for drinking treatment. The neighborhood of the resort is rich with sights, fancy formations of rocks are very picturesque. One of methods of treatment in the resort is terrainkur (see).

In the resort sanatoria, the largest of to-rykh Peltinish, rest houses, boarding houses, motels, resort policlinic with medical and diagnostic offices function.

Indications: functional diseases of c. N of page, disease of the digestive system, kidneys and urinary tract, hyperthyroidism, hron. diseases of upper respiratory tracts of not tubercular character.

V. V. Poltoranov.