SIMANOVSKY Nikolay Petrovich

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SIMANOVSKY Nikolay Petrovich (1854 — 1922) — one of founders of otorhinolaryngology as independent scientific discipline in Russia.

SIMANOVSKY Nikolay Petrovich

In 1878 ended VMA, worked as the intern in S. P. Botkin's clinic. Since 1884 conducted an associate professor's course of otorhinolaryngology in VMA. Since 1886 professor of otorhinolaryngology of VMA, since 1892 the head of the clinic of diseases of an ear, a throat and a nose of VMA founded by it, since 1907 the academician of VMA.

The main works of N. P. Simanovsky are devoted to a research of diseases of almonds and tuberculosis of a throat. It studied the motive device of a throat and the muscle in a vestibular fold (Simanovsky's muscle) is described, the tool for opening of paratonzillyar-ny abscess (Simanovsky's knife) is offered, parachlorphenol as medicine for treatment of tuberculosis of a throat is implemented in applied medicine. N. P. Simanovsky paid a lot of attention to the organization of the help to deaf-mutes, creation of flying groups for studying of incidence of an acoustic organ among country people in the nek-ry regions of Russia. In 1903 it based St. Petersburg about-in by ear, nasal and throat diseases, the chairman to-rogo was until the end of the life. V. I. Voyachek, M. F. Tsitovil, etc. were N. P. Simanovsky's pupils.

Works: To a question of influence of irritations of sensory nerves on departure and food of heart, yew., SPb., 1881; About the relation of guttural nerves to an innervation of separate muscles of a throat, Ezhened. wedge, gas., No. 9, page 149, No. 10, page 160, No. 11, page 178, No. 12, page 202, No. 13, page 218, 1885; About a rheumatic inflammation of a cherpalokoltsevidny joint of a throat, the Doctor, t. 14, No. 18, page 509, No. 19, page 548, No. 20, page 575, 1893; Lectures on ear, throat and nasal diseases, chitanny in 1912/13 academic year..., SPb., 1914.

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