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SIKARA SYNDROME (R. Sicard, fr. neuropathologist of 20 century; synonym: syndrome Call — Sikara, a syndrome of Veyzenburga — Sikara — Robino, Sikar's syndrome — Robino) — neuralgia of a glossopharyngeal nerve.

For the first time this disease was described by Veyzenburg (T. H. Wei-senburg) in 1910. However in an independent nozol. a form it was allocated only in 1920 after publication of work of Sikar and J. Robineau.

In S.'s development by page such reasons as disbolism, atherosclerosis, infections, intoxications, a constant injury of a glossopharyngeal nerve excessively extended awl-shaped shoot matter. The village of the village can arise at tumors of a mostomozzhechkovy corner, wounds of a throat, aneurism of a carotid artery.

At the heart of the mechanism of development of S. of page, as well as other neuralgia, lie functional and morfol. changes of a trunk of a glossopharyngeal nerve, and also the corresponding central educations (see. Neuralgia ).

The village of the village is characterized by sudden pristupoobrazny cutting, the burning, shooting pain on one party of a soft palate and drinks, edges can irradiate in an eye, a corner of a mandible and the corresponding half of a neck. During an attack the feeling of dryness in a throat appears. Attacks arise during reception of firm, hot or cold food, and also at a conversation (especially loud), cough, sneezing. Because of severe pains quite often patients refuse food, speak quietly, muffledly. Before an attack often there is a feeling of numbness of a mucous membrane of the sky, short-term hypersalivation is possible (see. Salivation ), a hypergeusia to bitter in a back third of language (various irritants cause a feeling of bitterness). Duration of an attack from several seconds to 2 — 3 min. Intervals between attacks can be long (up to several years), however in most cases intervals between them are gradually reduced, pain becomes painful.

In some cases at patients during an attack presinkopalny and syncopal states with dizzinesses and falling of the ABP develop (see. Syncope ). Their development is probably connected with irritation of the item depressor going as a part of a glossopharyngeal nerve. Most often S. the page has hron. current. The nevritichesky stage of neuralgia of a glossopharyngeal nerve can develop. At the same time there is a hypesthesia in a back third of language, almonds, a palatine velum and an upper part of a throat.

Villages of the village differentiate with neuralgia trifacial (see). It is for this purpose recommended to grease a root of language, palatine tonsils and a back wall of a throat of 10% with solution of cocaine. In case of neuralgia of a glossopharyngeal nerve attacks stop and it is not possible to provoke them. Differential diagnosis at the pains connected with existence of hems after a tonsilectomy is based on data of survey.

Treatment consists in greasing of a root of language, almonds and a back wall of a throat of 10% solution of cocaine, purpose of analgetics, diadynamotherapy on a zone IX of couple of cranial nerves, and also it is directed to treatment of a basic disease. In the absence of positive takes resort to section of roots of a glossopharyngeal nerve.

Forecast depends on an etiology and prescription of a disease, age of the patient: the longer the disease is also more senior than the patient, the forecast is heavier.

See also Glossopharyngeal nerve .

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