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SIGMOIDOSTOMY (Latin intestinum sigmoideum a sigmoid gut + Greek stoma of companies, an opening, pass) — operation of imposing of fistula on a sigmoid gut — sigmostoma.

Distinguish pristenochny (incomplete), single-barreled and divided double-barrel sigmostoma; two last represent full intestinal fistulas (see).

Indications and Contraindications

Indications: acute impassability of distal departments of a large intestine when unloading of intestines is necessary (with simultaneous elimination of the reason of impassability or as the first stage of treatment of the last); heavy inflammatory processes in a direct and sigmoid gut, napr, at a disease Krone, the divertuculosis complicated by a diverticulitis and perforation of diverticulums (for the purpose of temporary or constant shutdown of a passage on the struck departments); reconstructive and recovery operations on bodies of a small pelvis and in a crotch.

Contraindications: the expressed inflammatory defeat of a wall of a sigmoid gut at nonspecific ulcer colitis, the complicated divertuculosis and other diseases. In these cases at the corresponding indications carry out a transverzostomiya.

The technique

Classical option of imposing of a sigmostoma provides a podshivaniye of edges of a peritoneum to edges of a skin wound with the subsequent fixing by the same seams of a wall of the removed sigmoid gut. In this case the wall of a gut is opened in 1 — 2 days. At a considerable part of patients process of healing is followed by cicatricial deformation and even narrowing of a sigmostoma that complicates bowel emptying.

The technique of imposing of a so-called flat sigmostoma (at the level of skin) with a podshivaniye of edges of a peritoneum to a serous cover of a gut and the subsequent sewing together of edges of the opened gut with edge of a skin wound gains distribution. At such technique of edge of a skin wound and an intestinal wall heal first intention, maturing of an ostomy goes quicker and usually is not followed by its cicatricial narrowing.

A calla and gases nek-ry surgeons apply to ensuring function of deduction at S. implantation of magnetic rings with the subsequent introduction to an ostomy of special locks.

S.'s complications — perikolostomichesky abscesses, peritonitis, perikolostomichesky hernias, etc. — meet seldom.

See also Anus praeternaturalis , Colostomy .

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V. D. Fedorov.