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SIALOSCHESIS (Greek sialon saliva + stasis stop; synonym: salivary staz, stop of salivation, delay of salivation, retention of saliva) — a delay of allocation of a secret of a sialaden from its output channel at nek-ry morbid conditions.

Prichina The page can be existence in a channel of gland of a salivary stone (see. Sialolithiasis ), a foreign body (a peel from sunflower seeds, fibers from a toothbrush, etc.), narrowing of an output channel or its fusion owing to an injury (see. Sialadens ) or hron. sialadenitis (see).

At a delay of allocation of a secret from a sialaden there is an expansion of an output channel and all its branchings behind the site of narrowing, a foreign body or a salivary stone. The secret in a venter of a channel is condensed, becomes viscous, sometimes gets a mucous or jellylike consistence, find a large number of cellular elements in it (a cylindrical epithelium, macrophages, segmentoyaderny leukocytes, etc.). Pestilence foul. changes in channels of sialadens correspond to that at hron. sialadenitis.

Wedge, manifestations Pages are defined by extent of disturbance of passability of a channel. At small narrowing of a channel during food pain in the field of a sialaden, so-called salivary colic, and also swelling in this area develops. These phenomena pass in 20 — 30 min. At full obstruction of an output channel consolidation and morbidity of a sialaden become constants, amplifying during food. Stagnation of a secret in channels of gland promotes development in iron of inflammatory process (see. Sialadenitis ). Narrowing or fusion of an output channel of a sialaden leads to gradual fading of function of gland.

Sialogramma of submaxillary gland at a sialoschesis: expanded channels of gland are visible, the site of narrowing of the main output channel is specified by an arrow.

Diagnosis establish on the basis of complaints of the patient, characteristic a wedge, pictures, and also results sialografiya (see), changes of channels of a sialaden visually decide on the help a cut at a sialoschesis (fig).

Treatment The page is directed to elimination of obstacles for removal of a secret: removal of a salivary stone, foreign body, operational expansion of the narrowed channel.

Prevention timely treatment hron is. inflammations of a sialaden.

See also Salivation .

Bibliography: See bibliogr, to St. Parotid gland , Parotitis , Submaxillary gland , Sialografiya , Sialolithiasis .

I. F. Romacheva.