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enin, 1861 — 1920, the domestic pathologist) — one of the most widespread methods of identification of fibrin in tissue specimens. It is offered by S. P. Shuyeninov in 1908.

Pieces of fabric fix in formalin or in 96 — 100% alcohol. Cuts place for 12 — 24 hours in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, and then within 15 — 20 min. paint in the solution containing 1,75 g of hematoxylin, 200 ml of a distilled water, 5 g crystal carbolic to - you, 10 ml of 10% of water solution phosphatotungstic

to - you. This solution shall ripen previously on light (1 — 2 month). After rinsing cuts process (differentiate)

5 — 10% water solution phosphatotungstic to - you, carefully wash out mains water, dehydrate and conclude in balm. Fibrin is painted in dark blue color, kernels of cells — in dark-violet, smooth. muscles — in blue or light pink color, fibers of connecting fabric remain almost colourless.

See also isto logical methods of a research.

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