SHULUTKO Lazar Ilyich

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SHULUTKO Lazar Ilyich (1897 — 1971) is the Soviet orthopedist-traumatologist, zasl. scientist of RSFSR and Tatar ASSR. Member of the CPSU.

In 1922 ended Odessa medical in-t, worked as the surgeon in hospital, the intern Ying-that tuberculosis in Kharkiv (nowadays does not exist). In 1929 — 1932 was the chief physician and the consultant of orthopedic sanatoria of Yevpatoria. From 1932 to 1971 worked at department of traumatology and orthopedics Kazan in-that improvements of doctors, holding positions of the assistant, associate professor, department chair (since 1936). Doctor of medical sciences (1939), professor (1939). At the same time in 1945 — 1971 directed the Kazan scientific research institute of traumatology and orthopedics. In days of the Great Patriotic War combined work in clinic with a position of the chief surgeon of Management of hospitals of the National commissariat of health care Tatar the ASSR.

L. I. Shulutko is the author of the St. 200 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to development and improvement of methods of treatment of damages of a musculoskeletal system, prevention of different types of traumatism, treatment of scoliosis, etc. The bone and periosteal decortication of fragments at hypertrophic nearthroses is offered them (see the Nearthrosis).

L. I. Shulutko was a member of presidium All-Union and All-Russian scientific about-in traumatologists and orthopedists, the member International about-va traumatologists and orthopedists (SIKOT). He was repeatedly elected the deputy of the Kazan city council.

It is awarded the order the Red Star and medals.

Works: New ways of osteoplastic fixing of fragments at operational treatment of fractures of bones, a yew., Kazan, 1939; The Diagnostic value and a technique of a fi-stulografiya in clinic of injuries of wartime, Kazan, 1943 (sovm. with Goldstein D. Je.); A side rachiocampsis at children (scoliosis), Kazan, 1963; Surgical treatment of scolioses, Kazan, 1963; Questions of clinicoradiological diagnosis of the closed fractures of bones, Kazan, 1965 (sovm. with Goldstein D. Je.).

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R. L. Gorbunova.