SHUBLADZE Antonina Konstantinovna

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SHUBLADZE Antonina Konstantinovna (sort. in 1909) — the Soviet virologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1967), the winner of the State award USSR (1941), the winner of an award of Council of ministers of the USSR (1984).

After the termination in 1932 of the 1st MMI

the manager worked as the research associate in the Moscow scientific research institute of vaccines and serums of I. I. Mechnikov, in 1938-1939 the senior research associate. laboratory of encephalitis of VIEM. In 1939 — 1946 in-that managed virologic laboratory Central epidemiology and microbiology (nowadays Institute of epidemiology and microbiology of N. F. Gamalei). In 1943 protected dokt. the thesis, since 1944 professor. From 1946 to 1975 Ying-that directed laboratory of comparative virology of virology of D. I. Ivanovsky. Since 1975 the scientific consultant of this laboratory.

A. K. Shubladze is the author of St. 200 scientific works, including 6 monographs. It was directly involved in studying of an etiology and epidemiology tick-borne and mosquito (Japanese) encephalitis. It conducted early studies on establishment of degree of infectiousness of mites and mosquitoes in the centers of encephalitis, and also on identification of a role of animals virus carriers in epidemiology of mosquito encephalitis. A. K. Shub-ladze's works devoted to a pathogeny of encephalitis and immunity at a disease of encephalitis, to creation of vaccines against arboviral infections are known. For the first time in the USSR A. K. Shubladze allocated virus strains of epidemic parotitis. In the course of studying of herpes (see Herpes viruses) the phenomenon of erythrotropism of a virus (see the Virusemia) playing an important role in dissimination of the last in an organism was opened by it. A. K. Shubladze's works are also devoted to studying of the causative agent of a viral hepatitis, in particular it described the virus allocated in cultures of leukocytes of patients (see a viral hepatitis).


of the State award USSR A. K. Shubladze is awarded for opening in 1939 of the causative agent of spring and summer and autumn encephalitis and for development of methods of their treatment. In 1984 for implementation in practice of complex prevention and therapy of a herpes infection of A. K. Shubladze the award of Council of ministers of the USSR was awarded.

A. K. Shubladze was Fto-mitet's member of the Soviet women (1956 — 1966), it the honorary member of the Bulgarian academy of Sciences and Medical society of Ya. Purkinye, the editor redotdet «Virology» of BME.

It is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner, «The sign Honour» and medals.

Works: Experimental studying of ultra-viral infections of a nervous system, yew., M., 1943; Demyelinating encephalomyelitis, M., 1947 (sovm. with other); Short course of practical virology, M., 1949, 1954 (sovm. with Gaydamovich S. Ya.); Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis, M., 1959 (sovm. with other); Herpes, M., 1971 (sovm. from Mayevskaya T. M.); The Virusemia at acute and persistent infections, M., 1974 (sovm. with other); Aetiology of a viral hepatitis, M., 1978 (sovm. with Barinsky I. F.); Leukocytic cultures in virologic researches, M., 1980 (sovm. with Barinsky I. F.); Etiology of chronic virus neuroinfections, M., 1984 (sovm. with Barinsky I. t.).

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