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E. Stier-1 i n, is mute. surgeon and radiologist, 1878 — 1919; a symptom) — the radiological sign of change of motor function of the right departments of a large intestine revealed after oral administration of radiopaque substance. It is characterized by absence on survey roentgenograms of a shadow of the blind and ascending colonic guts in the presence of a shadow filled with radiopaque substance of terminal department of an ileal gut and cross colon. •

The symptom is described in 1911 by Shtir-linom as a symptom of tuberculosis of ileocecal area. According to many researchers. Highway of page is not patognomonpchny for tuberculosis of ileocecal area; it decides also at regional right-hand nonspecific ulcer colitis, an ileocolitis, a disease Krone, an amebiasis, a diverticulum an ita, metastasises of cancer in the right departments of a large intestine, appendicular infiltrate on involvement in pathological process of a caecum.

For identification of III. villages sick on an empty stomach give vygsht 1 glass of a baric suspension, then in 6 — 8 hours investigate radiological ileocecal department of intestines. At a positive symptom of Shtirlin find at the same time filled a terminal piece of a small bowel and departments of a large intestine distalny Girsh's sphincter (see Intestines), at the same time the blind and ascending guts look blank or contain a small amount of radiopaque substance.

In a stage of an acute inflammation, at an ulceration of a mucous membrane of intestines of Sh. of page explain with strengthening of spastic reductions of walls of the struck departments of a large intestine, owing to-rykh radiopaque substance quickly passes into distal departments of a large intestine. In a stage of narrowing of a gut because of overdevelopment of granulyatsionny and cicatricial fabric Sh. of page explain with sharp strengthening of a vermicular movement of a small bowel with «perebryz-givaniye» of radiopaque substance through rigid department of a large intestine.

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H. U. Shniger.