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SHTAMPAR Andria (Stampar Andria. 1888 — 1958) — the Yugoslavian hygienist, the organizer of health care.

In 1911 ended medical f-t Vienna un-that. In 1912 — 1918 worked as the doctor. From 1919 to 1931 directed the Ministry of public health care of Yugoslavia. From 1931 to

1941 professor of hygiene and social medicine of the School of public health care created on its initiative in Zagreb un-those. During fascist occupation of Yugoslavia it was arrested by Gestapo and in 1941 — 1945 was in prison. After the end of World War II resumed pedagogical activity, at the same time was the principal of public health care. In 1945 — 1946 the rector Zagreb un-that. Since 1947 and until the end of life the president of the Yugoslavian academy of Sciences and arts in Zagreb.

And, Shtampar actively cooperated for a long time in the international medical organizations; since 1924 in the Organization of health care of the League of Nations, and then in the World Health Organization (WHO). He was the chairman of the Temporary commission of WHO and the chairman of the I World assembly of health care.

A. Shtampar is the author of a number of works on questions of the organization of health care and to social problems of medicine, in to-rykh supported need of creation of public service of health care, implementation of prevention, development of questions of social insurance; he paid special attention to questions of health protection of country people.

In 1955 to A. Shtampar the International award of WHO of L. Bernard was awarded (see Bernard Leon an award).

Works: Socijalna medicina, Zagreb, 1925; Higijena i socijalna medicina, za lijecnike i medicinare, Zagreb, 1940; Lijecnik, nje-gova proslost i buducnost, Zagreb, 1946.

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