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SHPILMYOYERA the WAY (W. Spiel-meyer, is mute. the neuropathologist, 1879 — 1935) — a method of coloring of myelins, ykh covers of nerve fibrils in the frozen microscopic sections.

The method is described by Shpilmeyer in 1930. It is based on ability of a myelin to connect ions of trivalent iron, with to-rymi hematoxylin (see) forms an insoluble complex — a varnish of black color (see Lucky).

Material during 3 days or is more fixed in 10 — 15% solution of formalin, frozen and gotatsit cuts 25 — 30 microns thick. Then cuts during 6 — 18 hours pickle in 2,5% solution of zhelezoammiachny alum (for preparation of solution use only violet crystals), wash out in a distilled water and degrease (during 10 mnn. cuts move with a glass needle in a cup from 70% alcohol). After that cuts paint during 6 — 18 hours and more in the spirit solution of hematoxylin which «ripened» 5 — 10% divorced by 2 — 5 times a distilled water rinse with water and differentiate coloring under control of a microscope in the same solution of alum, to-ry applied to a protravlivaniye. Cuts dehydrate, clarify and conclude in balm. The myelin gains black color, the centers of demyelination in white matter of a brain are not painted. Sometimes as a result of insufficient fixings and protravlivaniye in drugs come to light is poorly painted -

ny or uncolored sites, to-rye it is possible to take for the centers of demyelination mistakenly.

See also Histologic methods of a research, Nervous tissue. Bibliography: Merk at lo in G. A. Kurs

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