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SHOOTING SPORT — sports firing from manual firearms and a sport bow. Systematic occupations firing promote expansion of a field of vision, improvement of the motive device of an eye, development of ability of focusing on problem solving in short intervals of time.

Start occupations from 11 — 13 years. Considering big load during the firing of a nervous system and a musculoskeletal system, it is necessary to investigate carefully nevrol. status of the shooter, vegetative functions of its organism and condition of a musculoskeletal system.

At trainings it is important to follow rules of personal hygiene. During the performance of exercises on sports, bench firing it is recommended to use individual antinoise devices (see. Protivoshuma ). Footwear shall be rather convenient, spacious, with a thick sole. During the holding trainings and competitions in S. of page measures for accident prevention and the most strict discipline in a dash are obligatory (on a shooting range).

Long intensive and uniform firing (to 200 — 300 shots for a training) at insufficient physical development can significantly change a bearing since the working pose of the shooter demands an asymmetric static stress of pair muscles of a trunk. Thereof there is a unilateral squeezing of intervertebral disks, their food is broken that sometimes causes pains in lumbar department of a backbone. Also traumatization of a shoulder joint is possible (owing to return of weapon) therefore there can be a disease state — «a shoulder of the shooter», at Krom joint pains are noted, especially at the movement of an extremity, development of a bursitis (see), the phenomena periarthritis (see).

Firing is included in the GTO system. The village of the village has great defense value.

See also Medical control , Self-checking of the athlete , Sports medicine , Physical culture and sport .

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