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SHOFFAR Anatole (Chauffard Ana-tole Marie Emile, 1855 — 1932) is the French therapist, the member (1902) and the president (since 1923). National akadekhmiya of medicine.

Got a medical education in Paris (1881), worked as the doctor in Lyon and Paris.

Since 1909 professor of department of history of medicine Parisian un-that. In 1911 — 1925 the director of clinic of Saint-Antawn in Paris.

A. Shoffar is the author of a large number of the scientific works devoted to various problems of medicine including pathology of system of blood, kidneys, a liver, bilious ways and a pancreas, questions of metabolism, etc. After O. Minkov-sky (1900) A. Shoffar in a co-authorship with N. A. Fiessinger allocated (1907) as an independent disease mikrosferotsitar-ny hemolitic anemia (see), having noted decrease in resistance of erythrocytes and strengthening of hemolysis (Minkowski's disease — Shoffara). In 1882 ANO and A. Shoffar published one of the first messages on pigmental cirrhosis (Truazye's syndrome — ANO — Shoffar), after the hemochromatosis which received the name (see). A. Shoffar described (1908) a wedge, displays of cancer of body and a tail of a pancreas (Shoffar's form — Leri-sha), including characteristic girdle pains in an upper part of a stomach (Shoffar's zone — Riva). It possesses a priority in the description of the progressing polyarthritis which is combined with increase in a spleen and limf, nodes (Steel's syndrome — Shoffar), damages of skin at gonorrhea (together with N. A. Fiessinger, 1897). It with sotr. found (1908, 1909) antibodies in blood serum of patients with the acquired hemolitic anemia.

Works: Cirrhose hypertrophique pigmentaire dans le diabete sucre, Rev. M6d. (Paris), t. 2, p. 385, 1882 (sovm. with Hanot V.); Des crises dans les maladies, P., 1886; Des adenopathies dans le rhumatisme chronique infectieux, Rev. M£d. (Paris), t. 16, p. 345, 1896 (sovm. with Ramond F.); L’ictfcre hemoly-tique congenital de l’adulte, Rev. g£n. clin. th6r., t. 26, p. 199, 1912; Lecons sur la lithiase biliaire, P., 1914, 1922.

Bibliography: Fiessinger N.

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