SHOCK Nathan

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SHOCK Nathan (Shock Nathan Wetherill, sort. in 1906) — the American physiologist and the gerontologist, professor


Ended in 1926 un-t of the State of Indiana, and in 1930 a postgraduate study in Chicago un-those, having received degree of the doctor of philosophy. In 1932-1941 the assistant, and then professor of physiology Californian un-that.

Was one of organizers and the first director (in 1941 — 1976). The research center for gerontology in Baltimore.

Works N. Shock are devoted to questions of physiology of aging, studying of functions of heart, lungs and kidneys, metabolism, psychosomatic relationship in the growing old organism (see the Old age, aging). Its contribution to systematization of world scientific literature on aging, and also the edition of the bibliography on gerontology and geriatrics is considerable (see Gerontology).

H. Shock was the president

(1969 — 1972) International Association of Gerontologists (IAG), the president American gerontological

about-va, the editor of the Journal of gerontology (1963 — 1969) magazine.

Works: A classified bibliography of gerontology and geriatrics, Stanford, 1951, Supplement 1: 1949 — 1955, Stanford 1957, Supplement 2: 1956 — 1961, Stanford, 1963;

Ageing of homeostatic mechanisms, in kN. Cowdry's problems of aging, ed.

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