SHMORL Kristian

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SHMORL Kristian (Schmorl Christian Georg, 1861 — 1932) is the German pathologist, professor (1902).

Graduated from medical faculty un-that in Freyburge. Till 1894 there was the senior assistant to department of pathological anatomy in Leipzig, since 1894 a prosector 'hospitals Friedrichs-shtadt in Dresden. In 1902-1906 professor of pathological anatomy in Marburg, and since 1906 in Freyburge.

K. Shmorl is the author of St. 200 scientific works. The most important of them are devoted to questions patol. anatomy and pathogeny of tuberculosis, in particular patol. anatomy of the apical pulmonary centers, and also research morfol. changes of tissue of liver and content of adrenaline in adrenal glands at an eclampsia. K. Shmorl's works in the field of pathological anatomy of diseases of bones are known. Its works devoted morfol are recognized classical. to changes of a bone tissue at a scurvy, osteomalacy, Pedzhet's disease (see Pedzhet a disease). K. Shmorl studied also morfol. changes of a backbone at various diseases; in particular, it described the gryzhevidny protrusions of intervertebral disks which received the name of small knots of Shmorl (see Shmorl small knots). K. Shmorl is the author of the famous management on the patogistologichesky equipment (1897). Works: Atlas der pathologischen Gewebelehre, Lpz., 1893; Pathologisch-anatomische Un-tersuchungen liber Puerperal-Eklampsie, Lpz., 1893; Pathologisch-histologische Un-tersuchungsmethoden, 1st prod., Lpz., 1897, 16 prod., 1934; t)ber Verlagerung von Band-scheibengewebe und ihre Folgen, Arch, klin. Chir., Bd 172, S. 240, 1932; Die ge-sunde und die kranke Wirbelsaule in Ront-genbild und Klinik, 4 prod., Stuttgart, 1957.

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