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SHMORLYA UZELKY (Ch. G. Schmorl, is mute. pathologist, 1861 — 1932; synonym: pulpozny hernias,

Shmorl's hernia) — gryzhepodobny protrusions of a pulpozny (jellylike) kernel of an intervertebral disk. Are described by K. Shmorl.

The rupture of a plate of a hyaline cartilage with the subsequent loss of a pulpozny kernel of an intervertebral disk can happen at curvatures, compression perelo-

Fig. Makropreparat of chest department of a backbone (a sagittal cut) of the patient to multiple small knots of Shmorl of a traumatic origin: shooters

specified Shmorl's small knots — protrusions in spongy substance of bodies of vertebrae of fabric of pulpozny kernels of intervertebral disks.

a move and bruises of a backbone, ruptures of intervertebral fibrous rings, and also at various patol. processes in bodies of the vertebrae caused, e.g., by an acromegalia (with - m), Sheyermann's disease — May (see Sheyermann — May a disease). A certain role in Sh.'s education at. play also processes of a physiological resorption of a cartilaginous part of an intervertebral disk. By the end of the first year of life in the plate of a hyaline cartilage forming a support for a pulpozny kernel proliferative processes are noted. In the subsequent cellular elements in different departments of an intervertebral disk disappear. These changes lead to reduction of durability of an intervertebral disk that is the contributing factor for nodulation of Shmorl at children's and youthful age.

Sh. is macroscopic at. have an appearance of the gryzhepodobny protrusions of a pulpozny kernel of an intervertebral disk directed to spongy substance of bodies of vertebrae (fig.), in some cases and to the vertebral canal. Recognition of III. at. in clinic the hl is based. obr. on the careful analysis of results rentgenol. researches.

The organized mass of a pulpozny kernel eminating to the vertebral canal can put pressure upon roots of spinal nerves.

See also Diskosis, Osteochondrosis, the Spondylosis.

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