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SHMYDEBERG Oswald (Schmiede-berg Johann Ernst Oswald, 1838 — 1921) is the German pharmacologist, the doctor of medicine (1866), one of founders of experimental pharmacology.

Ended medical f-t of Derptsky (nowadays Tartu) un-that, worked at department of pharmacology, a dietetics and history of medicine under the leadership of R. Bukhgeym. Since 1868 was an associate professor, and since 1869 — professor of this department. In 1872 — 1918 directed department of pharmacology of German in-that in Strasbourg.

O. Shmideberg's works about influence on heart of nicotine and muscarine laid the foundation for pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system. He for the first time conducted researches of somnolent effect of urethanes. During the studying pharmakol. actions of leaves of a foxglove it emitted the main active ingredient — digi-toksinony Together with G. Bunge he proved education benzaminoacetic to - you in kidneys. O. Shmideberg established that camphor is emitted in the form of connection with glucuronic acid, thus one of important ways of an inactivation and allocation of an organism of chemicals was open. In 1883 there was O. Shmideberg's guide on pharmacology which sustained many editions and translated to Russian. It possesses a merit of creation of the first scientific pharmacological magazine «Archive of Experimental Pathology and Pharmacology» (1873) known in a crust, time under the name «Naunyn-Schmiedberg's Arch i v fur experimentelle Pathologie and Pharmakologie».

Works: tfber die quantitative Bestimmung des Chloroforms im Blute und sein Verhal-ten gegen dasselbe, diss., Dorpat, 1866; Das Muscarin, Lpz., 1869 (sovm. with Koppe R.); Grundriss der Arzneimittellehre, Lpz., 1883; Grundriss der Pharmakologie in Bezug auf Arzneimittellehre und Toxikologie, Lpz., 1902, 1921 (Russian lane, Kiev, 1908).

Bibliography: Heffter A.

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