SHMELYOV Nikolay Andreevich

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SHMELYOV Nikolay Andreevich (1899 — 1976) is the Soviet phthisiatrician, the academician of AMH (1962).

In 1923 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that; it was improved in a hospital terapa to vtichesky clinic under the leadership of D. D. Pletnev. In 1925 — 1952 worked in clinic and department of experimental pathology Moscow regional tubercular in-that (nowadays Moscow scientific research institute of tuberculosis M3 of RSFSR).

Doctor of medical sciences (1944). Since 1952 the deputy director, and from 1958 to 1973 the director of the Central scientific research institute of tuberculosis of M3 of the USSR. Along with 1945 for

1952 was professor of department

of tuberculosis of TsIU.

N. A. Shmelyov is the author of the St. 200 scientific works devoted to various problems of tuberculosis, including features of a hemopoiesis (see) at various forms and phases of a course of tuberculosis, to side effect of antituberculous remedies (see) and tuberculine (see). It described a hepatolienal syndrome of a tubercular etiology and a tubercular ileotyphlitis. One of the first N. A. Shmelyov developed methods of an aspiration biopsy of a lung, a puncture biopsy of a liver, spleen, showed value morfol. researches of the material received at a biopsy in diagnosis of tuberculosis. N. A. Shmelyov made a big contribution to development of methods of chemotherapy of tuberculosis, theoretically proved use at this disease of corticosteroid hormones (see Corticosteroids, corticosteroid drugs).

Under the leadership of N. A. Shmelyov researches of L-transformation of mycobacteria of tuberculosis, their role in genesis of a so-called immunitas non sterilisans and endogenous reactivation of old tuberculous focuses were for the first time conducted, the phenomenon of L-transformation of mycobacteria of a strain of BTsZh at children at antitubercular vaccination is revealed.

N. A. Shmelyov was board member Vsesoyuznogo, All-Russian and Moscow scientific about-in phthisiatricians; editor of a redotdel «Internal diseases» of the 2nd prod. BME and the editor-in-chief «Phthisiology» of the 3rd prod. redotdet. BME, and also the honorary member medical

about-in and associations of Hungary, GDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the USA. the 06-shchestvo of phthisiatricians of Italy awarded N. A. Shmelyov with the Gold medal of K. Forlanini.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, awards of the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Gematopoetichesky system at

tuberculosis, a yew., M., 1944; To clinic of a tubercular typhlitis (uncomplicated pulmonary process), Klin, medical, t. 29, No. 1, page 26, 1951 (sovm. with One-flight

howl E. F.); Extra pulmonary tuberculosis with a hepatolienal syndrome, Owls. medical, No. 8, page 3, 1952; The Multivolume guide to tuberculosis, under the editorship of V. L. Einys, t. 1, M., 1959 (bus of a number of hl.); Cytologic blood test and its value at tuberculosis, M., 1959; Drugs II of a row at a chronic destructive pulmonary tuberculosis, in book: Tuberculostatic drugs I and II of a row at a chronic destructive pulmonary tuberculosis, under the editorship of N. A. Shmelyov, page 5, M., 1964; Clinical and experimental studying of new antitubercular drugs — Rifamycinum and Ethambutolum, M., 1972; Side effect of antitubercular drugs, M., 1977 (sovm. with Stepanyan E. S.).

Bibliography: Scientific way of the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences N. A. Shmelyov, Works Center, nauch. - issled. in-that tube. M3 of the USSR, t. 18, page 5, M., 1970; Memories N. A. Shmelyova, Probl. tube., No. 4, page 90, 1977.

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