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ShMAKOVKA — the baliyeoterapevti-chesky resort in Primorsky Krai of RSFSR. It is located in 340 km from Vladivostok, in the valley of the Ussuri River, on a southwest slope of the mountain Resort. In vicinities the broad-leaved woods prevail. Buildings of the resort are placed in the park.

Resort of Shmakovka. Habit view.

Climate continental: summer

very warm (average temperature of July 21 °), winter cold, solar (average temperature of January — 22 °). Rainfall apprx. 610 mm a year (the main amount of precipitation drops out preferential in the summer). Number of hours of sunshine apprx. 2350 a year.

The main to lay down. factor: low-mineralized (1,5 g! k) carbonic hydrocarbonate magnesium-calcium waters, on chemical structure similar with Kislovodsk narzan, but the carbonic acids (3 — 4,3 g/l) differing from it in high content. Waters of sources apply to bathtubs, flourishes, irrigations, inhalations, and also to drinking treatment.

4 sanatoria, resort policlinic, the bathing building, drinking gallery, an aero sunbed function, on the bank of the Ussuri River are equipped to lay down. beaches.

Indications: diseases of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency of the I stage, a disease of the digestive system (chronic gastritis, a coloenteritis, cholecystitis), glaucoma (primary, in the initial and developed stages, compensated and subkompensi-rovanny).

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table (t. 29, additional materials).

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