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ShLIFY — the laminas of a bone tissue or tooth produced by grinding of a saw cut of these fabrics.

The research Sh. allows to define degree of a mineralization of microstructures, use of fluorescent microscopy with a tetracycline tag by a microx-ray analysis and an autoradiography — to estimate the speed of processes of an osteogenesis and mineral metabolism; the interferential microscopy of Sh. gives the chance to establish phase changes of microscopic structures (see. Microscopic methods of a research). Microdrugs of shlif of a bone tissue and teeth — see Teeth, the Bone.

Shlifa make manually, thinning saw cuts on abrasive papers or on glass plates by means of grinding powders of various granularity. Process of production of III. includes fixing in solution of formalin, dehydration in alcohols, filling in monomer with the subsequent its polymerization, cutting out on the detachable machine of a saw cut, thinning of a saw cut to the set thickness (thickness ready III. from 0,05 to 0,1 mm), final preparation of Sh. for a research according to requirements of a specific method fluctuate. Highways explored in a transmitted light call transparent, Sh. studied in a reflected light (with the ground and polished one party) — polished or anshli-fam. Ready Sh. store between two glasses or conclude in balm as gistol. drugs.

See also Histologic methods of a research. and. N. Polyakov.