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SHIROKOGOROV Ivan Ivanovich (1869 — 1946) is the Soviet pathologist, the academician of AMH (1944), the academician of AN of the Azerbaijani SSR, zasl. scientist of the Azerbaijani SSR (1936).

Yuryevsky ended in 1901 (nowadays Tartu) un-t, worked at department of the general pathology of it un-that. It was improved abroad, including in Pasterovskom in-those at I. I. Mechnikov (1908). In 1904 — 1906 was a medical officer in the Far East. Defended the dissertation on degree of the doctor of medicine in 1907. From 1908 to 1915 the privatdozent, from 1915 to 1917 professor of department of the general pathology of Yuryevsky un-that. In 1918 took part in creation medical f-that Tiflissky (Tbilisi) un-that and within a year directed department of histology and pathological anatomy of it f-that. Since 1919 and until the end of life headed department of pathological anatomy medical f-that Baku un-that (since 1930. Azerbaijani medical in-t). In 1919 — 1928 was the first dean f-that.

I. I. Shirokogorov is an author apprx. 130 scientific works, the majority to-rykh is devoted to pathological anatomy of plague, leprosy, a leushmaniosis, malaria and others inf. diseases. Its pathoanatomical researches at malaria with the description of the changes in a spleen, a liver and marrow called by it a liyenogepa-tomedullyarny syndrome use the greatest popularity. To them it was established (1923) that at the heart of the vascular reactions observed at inf. diseases, lie gistol. changes in sympathetic gangliya (see the Autonomic nervous system).

I. I. Shirokogorov was one of the valid charter members of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the organizer and the chairman Azerbaijani scientific about-va pathologists.

«Sign of Honour» and medals is awarded the order.

Works: Adrenalinic arteriosclerosis,

yew., Yuryev, 1907; Die Mitochondrien in den erwachsenen Nervenzellen des Zent-ralnervensystems, Anat. Anz.,

Bd 43, S. 522, 1913; Subtropical diseases of Transcaucasia and in particular Azerbaijan, Baku, 1932; Plague, Baku, 1933.

Bibliography: Guseynov D. Yu. Ivan Ivanovich Shirokogorov (To the 100 anniversary since birth; Arkh. patol., t. 31, century 12, page 72, 1969; I. Shirokogorov (

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