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ShIRA (lake Shira) — the balneological and mud resort in Krasnoyarsk Krai of RSFSR. It is located in 455 km from Krasnoyarsk in Cheba-kovo-Balakhtinskoy to a hollow at the height of 352 m above sea-level, on the southern coast of the lake Shira.

The local population long since used a lake brine and the coastal crushed calc-tufa how to lay down. means. The first message on curative properties of water of the lake Shira was made by P. S. Pallas in the 70th 18 century. The resort is founded in 1897.

The climate is sharply continental. Summer warm (average temperature of July 18 °), winter cold, solar (average temperature of January — 19 °). Rainfall of 250 — 300 mm a year (the main amount of precipitation drops out preferential in the summer). Number of hours of sunshine 1730

Resort of Shira. Buildings of sanatorium and view of the lake.

in a year. From strong cold having sat down. winds the resort is protected by the high mountains surrounding it from three parties (Western Sayan Mountains, East Sayan Mountains, Kuznetsk Alatau); the softening impact on climate is exerted by also big water surface of the lake having St. 9 km in length and

more than 5 km width.

The main to lay down. factors: mineral water of the lake Shira and silt mud of the lake Utichye-3 located in 20 km from the resort (deposits to lay down. dirt is available also in the lake Shira, but deeply). Сульфатно-хлоридно-гидрокарбонатно-натриевую the water of the lake (a mineralization of 17 — 21 g/l depending on a season of year) containing calcium ions, copper, aluminum, iron, lithium and other elements and also organic matters of humus type, apply to bathtubs, flourishes, inhalations, irrigations (see Balneoterapiya) and (after the corresponding processing) to drinking treatment (see Mineralnye Vody). On the rendered effect water of the lake Shira is close to Ba-talinsky (laxative), but possesses more sparing action on went. - kish. path. For drinking treatment use also mineral water of the well No. 4, edges differs from lake water in considerably smaller mineralization (6,1 g/l) and high content of salts of calcium. Lech. dirt, to-rykh is a part calcium sulfate and iron, has high heat-retaining properties and plasticity. They are used for applications and tampons (see Mud cure). Bathings in the lake are carried out to summertime a klimatolecheniye (see the Climatotherapy).

In the resort two sanatoria — for adults and children function, there are water mud baths, the pavilion for drink of mineral water. In sanatorium for adults there is specialized department for treatment of patients with glaucoma.

Indications: diseases of the digestive system (chronic gastritis, a coloenteritis, cholecystitis, a cholangitis, hepatitis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, etc.), glaucoma (in the initial and far come stages, in a condition of compensation and subcompensation).

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table (t. 29, additional materials).

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