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The SHYLLING Victor (Schilling Viktor, 1883 — 1960) is the German hematologist.

In 1909 ended medical f-t of Academy of Karl Wilhelm in Berlin. Same year defended the dissertation on the degree of the doctor of medicine devoted to morphology and pathology of kupfe-rovsky cells of a liver. From 1910 to 1913 worked as the vrachokhm-intern in Hamburg in-those tropical diseases. In 1914 — 1919 did military service the bacteriologist. From 1919 to 1934 worked in hospital you Rummage (Berlin) and in clinic Berlin un-that; since 1921 the privatdozent, since 1922 professor. Since 1934 professor in Muenster, since 1941 the head of the department of internal diseases un-that in Rostock and the director of university clinic.

V. Shilling is an author apprx. 350 scientific works, including several monographs devoted to problems of hematology. Evidence-based classification of leukocytes was offered them, the term «gemogramm» is entered into practice. It simplified the scheme of definition of nuclear shift, suggested to define percentage of all forms of leukocytes (see. Leukocytic formula), and also developed tables for differential calculation of leukocytes. It studied changes of a picture of blood at injuries and various tropical diseases. A number of its works is transferred to Russian.

V. Shilling was one of organizers and the first president Ob-va of hematologists of GDR, the member of a row German and international scientific about - century. It is awarded ranks of the Outstanding national scientist of GDR (1953).

Works: Zur Morphologie, Biologie und Pathologie der v. Kupfferschens Sternzellen, besonders der menschlichen Leber, diss., B., 1909; Das Blutbild und seine klinische Ver-wertung, Jena, 1912, 1933 (Russian lane, M. — JI., 1926, 1931); Angewandte Blutlehre fur die Tropenkrankheiten, Lpz., 1914; Anlei-tung zur Diagnose im dicken Bluttropfen, Jena, 1920, 1951 (Russian lane, Tiflis, 1925); Praktische Blutlehre, Jena, 1922, 1959 (pyc. the lane, M., 1924, M. — L., 1928); Tables for differential calculation of leukocytes on professional. To shilling, the lane with it., M., 1924; Marrow as body, the lane with it., Berlin, 1926; Blut und Trauma, Jena, 1932; Das Wesen des Blutes, B., 1952, 1956.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 2, S. 1386, B. — Wien, 1933; H i r-s with h e r H. Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Viktor Schilling, Lpz., 1955.

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