SHEVYAKOV Vladimir Timofeyevich

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SHEVYAKOV Vladimir Timofeyevich (1859 — 1930) is a domestic protozoologist, the member correspondent. St. Petersburg academy of Sciences (1908).

In 1877 — 1881 studied in St. Petersburg a horn in-those, then till 1885 in St. Petersburg then passed in Heidelberg un-t. In 1889 ended Heidelberg un-t, having received degree of the doctor of philosophy for work about a structure of eyes at jellyfishes. Since 1891 the assistant, and since 1893 the privatdozent Heidelberg un-that where gave a course of parasitology of the person and zoology. In 1894 passed into the Special zoological laboratory organized at the St. Petersburg academy of Sciences, at the same time gave a course of zoology in St. Petersburg un-those. In 1895 protected dokt. the thesis about the organization and a systematics of infusorians it was also chosen extraordinary, and in 1899 — ordinary professor of zoology St. Petersburg un-that. From 1920 to 1925 gave a course of medical zoology in the beginning, and then managed department of medical zoology on medical f-those Irkutsk un-that. At the same time f-that was the dean of it.

During the round-the-world travel (1889 — 1890) V. T. Shevyakov began to study protozoa. In 1893 published article about geographical distribution of fresh-water protozoa. It for the first time described a karyokinesis at Rhizopoda, published a number of articles about radiolarias, the monograph about radiolarias-akantariyakh of the Bay of Naples with the atlas of with own hand executed color drawings. He studied also parasitic protozoa, in particular lyambliya of the person, having made the classical description of live parasites. Among V. T. Shevyakov's pupils there are Soviet zoologists academicians of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences

V. N. Beklemishev, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR V. A. Dogel.

Works: tfber die geographische Verbreitung der Siisswasser-Protozoen, St Petersbo-urg, 1893; To biology of protozoa, SPb., 1894; Organization and systematics of Infusoria Aspiro tricha (Holotricha auctorum), St Petersbourg, 1896; Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Radiolaria-Acanthometrea, St Petersbourg, 1902.

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