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SHYONLEYN Johann (Schonlein Johann Lukas, 1793 — 1864) is the German therapist.

In 1816 ended un-t in the Würzburg; since 1817 the privatdozent, since 1820 extraordinary, and since 1824 ordinary professor and the director those

rapevtichesky clinic un-that. With «1833 professor Zurich, and in 1839 — 1859. Berlin high fur boots. Since 1859 lived in the homeland — in Bamberg.

I. Shenleyn for the first time in Germany created a wedge, the direction based on natural-science approach and methods of a research (the physical diagnosis developed by representatives of school of Zh. Kor-vizar, a chemical blood analysis and urine, microscopy, autopsy). I. Shenleyn established an etiological role of a fungus of Trichophyton schonleinii at a favus (see) and laid the foundation of the doctrine about dermatomycoses (see Fungi parasitic). In 1837 it described the hemorrhagic vasculitis which received the name of a disease of Shenleyn — Genokh (see Shei-leyna — Genokh a disease); it possesses the first attempt (1829) of association of diseases of system of blood in independent group (gemato-za). I. Shenleyn's works on auskultativny semiotics of heart troubles and lungs are known.

For the first time in Germany I. Shenleyn began to give lectures not in Latin, and in the native language; his pedagogical talent, as well as innovative statement of scientific and medical work, attracted in clinic of students and doctors from the different countries. He together with I. Müller created the Berlin school of sciences which played an important role in development of the European medicine.

Works: Allgemeine und specielle Pathologie und Therapie, Bd 2, Herisau, 1837; Kli-nische Vortrage in dem Charite-Kranken-hause zu Berlin, B., 1843.

Bibliography: Sigerist H. E. Grosse Arzte, Mlinchen, 1970; Talbott J. H. A biographical history of medicine, p. 503, N. Y. — L., 1970; Virchow R. Ge-dachtnisrede auf J. L. Schonlein, B., 1865.

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