SHEBANOV Philip Vasilyevich

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SHEBANOV Philip Vasilyevich (1897 — 1982) is the Soviet phthisiatrician, the member correspondent of AMH (1960), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1956). The member of the CPSU since 1945


V of 1921 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that; worked as the district doctor, the doctor-insnektorom of tubercular sanatoria. In 1928 — 1951 worked in the Moscow scientific research institute of tuberculosis M3 of RSFSR, holding consistently positions of the intern, senior research associate, deputy director on scientific work (1942 — 1948) and directors in-that (1949-1951). Along with 1931 for 1952 was the assistant, professor and the head (since 1949) departments of tuberculosis of TsIU of doctors. In

1952 — 1981 of the department chair of tuberculosis of the 1st MMI.

In 1944 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Tubercular Empyemas»; professor (1945).

F. V. Shebanov is the author of St. 200 scientific works, including 2 monographs devoted to studying of tubercular empyemas, caseous pneumonia, a fibrous and cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis and its complications. The considerable attention in its works is paid to questions of a collapsotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis, antibacterial therapy of tuberculosis, and also organizational and methodical questions of antituberculous care to the population, planning of scientific research on tuberculosis.

F. V. Shebanov was the chairman of Academic medical council and the member of board of M3 of RSFSR, the chairman of the board Vsesoyuznogo scientific medical about-va phthisiatricians, the president and the honorary member of the International antitubercular union, and also the member of a row Soviet and international about-in phthisiatricians. The Italian antitubercular association in 1971 he was awarded by the Gold medal of K. Forlanini.

In 1961 — 1981 F. V. Shebanov was the editor-in-chief of the Problems of Tuberculosis magazine.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the October Revolution, the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Tubercular empyemas, yew., M., 1944; Collapsotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis, M., 1950; The Multivolume guide to tuberculosis, under the editorship of V. JI. Eyni-sa, t. 2, book 1, M., 1959 (bus of a number of hl.); Tuberculosis, M., 1969, 1981.

Bibliography: Philip Vasilyevich Shebanov (To the 80 anniversary since birth), Probl. tube., No. 12, page 78, 1977. T. F. Smurova.