SHCHUKAREV Konstantin Aleksandrovich

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SHCHUKAREV Konstantin Aleksandrovich (1894 — 1954) is the Soviet therapist, the member correspondent of AMH (1952). Colonel of medical service (1943).

Ended VMA in 1918, was involved in Civil war, then worked as the assistant to therapeutic clinic of VMA. In 1926 — 1939 the intern, the manager. department, the assistant, the associate professor of therapeutic department, the dean of hospital medical higher education institution of I. I. Mechnikov in Leningrad (in 1936 the in-volume, nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical institute is integrated with the 2nd Leningrad medical). Doctor of medical sciences (1939), professor (1940). In 1940 — 1943 managed department of faculty therapy Saratov medical in-that. In days of the Great Patriotic War was the chief therapist of the evakogospitaly Saratov region. In 1943 — 1952 the chief of department of propaedeutics of internal diseases of the Naval Medical Academy (NMA), in 1952 — 1954 the chief of department of hospital therapy of the same academy.

K. A. Shchukarev is the author of the St. 50 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of pulmonology. It made a big scientific contribution to development of an etiology, pathogeny, clinic and treatment of diseases of the lungs complicating operative measures and a fighting injury, it developed pathogenetic classification of pneumonia at wounded. At the XIII All-Union congress of therapists it presented materials about kinds of emphysema, a collapse and an atelectasis of lungs in the report as pathogenetic options of disturbance of elasticity of pulmonary fabric. It made and proved a hypothesis that different types of a pulmonary collapse are an important link of a pathogeny of many pulmonary diseases, including bronkhopnevmoniya, suppurations of lungs, and also a pneumosclerosis and a bronchoectatic disease. Its works on a purulent infection, concerning medical support of Navy are known.

K. A. Shchukarev was a member of presidium All-Union about-va therapists, the associate editor of the Therapeutic Archive magazine.

It is awarded by the medal «For Services in Battle» and other medals.

Works: Questions of a pathogeny, clinic and therapy of the pneumonia complicating operations and a fighting injury, JI., 1953; Diseases of system of breath, L., 1960 (sovm. with the Tushino M. D.).

Bibliography: Konstantin Aleksandrovich Shchukarev (1894 — 1954), Klien, medical, t. 32, «N» 10, page 94, 1954. L. M. Klyachkin.