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ShchYoTKINA — BLYUMBERG the SYMPTOM (D. S. Shchetkin, a sort. in 1851, the obstetrician; M. Blyumberg, the surgeon, 1873 — 1955) — sharp strengthening of an abdominal pain at bystry removal of the palpating hand from an abdominal wall after easy pressing; one of symptoms of peritonitis.

It is described by Blyumberg in 1907. However D. S. Shchetkin still in the late eighties 19 century used in the wedge, practice this reception, but the official statement was made by it only in 1908 at a meeting Penza medical about-va.

For identification of a symptom during a palpation of a stomach hmedlenno press a hand on a front abdominal wall, noting more or less expressed morbidity at this moment. At bystry removal of the palpating hand the abdominal pain sharply amplifies — a symptom positive. If at removal of a hand the nature of pain does not change — a symptom negative. Positive Shch. — B. page it is caused by irritation of a peritoneum and is most pronounced at peritonitis (see). At the delimited peritonitis the symptom has local character, napr, decides in the right ileal area at patients on an acute appendicitis. At perforation of hollow body and the expiration of contents went. - kish. a path in a free abdominal cavity the symptom is defined in all departments of a stomach, i.e. has diffuse character. The symptom can be doubtful at a sharp muscle tension of a front abdominal wall (a doskoobrazny stomach) in initial terms of development of peritonitis. In late terms in connection with after a passion-niyem of nerve terminations of a peritoneum it can be less expressed. Patients can sometimes have a positive symptom with uraemia, pneumonia, a myocardial infarction, at a hematoma of a front abdominal wall and retroperitoneal cellulose (see Lei-to an abdominal syndrome).

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